Saturday, December 15, 2007

1st Day In Hanoi

Upon arrival, the driver from the guest house carrying a piece of paper with my name on it came to receive us. This young Vietnamese guy speak a few Malay words as he was working with a shoe factory at Tanjong Malim, Malaysia. He took us to the guest house immediately and we were given free usage of a room for shower and a short nap before proceeding for the next train to Sapa.
Our program starts during the afternoon by looking for our first Vietnam meals and walking within the surrounding area. Hanoi town is so busy with lots of bicycles, motorbikes and cars and very noisy indeed, with honks and bicycles bells ringing at every minutes, and every seconds.
We had "chap fun" (mixed rice) for lunch and later we adjourn to a bowl of beef noodles each next to the guest house. It was a very tasty meal and a very cheap one too, at about RM2.00 per bowl.
After strolling for a while the sun began to set, We started  looking for food again as we can't resist trying out what the way the Vietnamese ate, sitting along the street side on a small little tools and a small table for all . Over there they served almost everything from smoking tobacco with a big bamboo pipe, drinking tea, variety of food and even a beer corner. So we just enjoy the way  the locals do.
At about 8.30pm, we were sent off by one the hotel staff right to our train at the railway station. Additional super service by the Hanoi Guest House.
Our train tickets include a soft bed, a bread and free flow of drinks, coffee, tea, hot and cold water (D.I.Y). The interior of the train is very clean. It looks like a luxury coach caters for foreigners only. One of us have to share a bed with another group next door as each room can only accommodate 4 persons. Coincidentally, the 3 ladies next door happens to be Singaporeans.

Good Night...

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