Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sapa, North Vietnam

We arrived Lao Cai Station at 5.30am, just as scheduled. As soon as we walk through the exit of the train station, we were immediately greeted by the driver holding a piece of paper with my name on it. This is really great pleasure.There were a big crowd holding the same as we walk further. They are trying to locate their guest. We were driven up to the hill using a comfortable Van straight to Sapa, which took us another 1 hour journey.
After checking in at the Goldensea Hotel, we were guided to the restaurant for our breakfast (inclusive in the tour package).
There are a lot of H'mong hill tribes waiting at the hotel front trying to sell their stuffs to the visiting tourist.
At 9pm, our tour begins. 5 of us accompanied by a local hill tribe girl guide. Her name is Zee. She is our tour guide for today and tomorrow, visiting the local villages, dressed in her tribes woman colorful dress.
First, we visited the Cat Cat Village by trekking down the hill which is about 3 km away, then the hydro dam waterfall.

After the waterfall is the tougher part, walking up the hill for 6km to Sin Chai Village. The view was absolutely beautiful and breath taking. The whole landscape looks like a painting with green mountains and vase sky.

The mountains remind me of an old movie, "The Sound Of Musics"....

We continue walking until we reached Sin Chai Village. Took some photos of the tribe's children at school. Then hire a motorcycle back to hotel as we were too tired.  We pay VND60,000 for the transportation because we are really really very tired !!!
Time for photo again... with Sony ( standing forth from left), than Nokia and far right is our guide Zee.
Lunch at the hotel again. After that is free and easy.
Time to look for some souvenirs. Visiting the Sapa market. Very interesting and lots of interesting souvenirs and fruits to offer at very cheap prices.

Lots of local tribes people at the market as well, trading their handcrafts.
Street of Sapa. Very cooling..
We decided to explore the town at night. It was really very cold at that time. No wonder not many people at the street during that time..
Photo: At the frontage of Goldensea Hotel.
Dinner time.
Trying to be funny... Having supper at the restaurant front. It was really cold. Our watch detected that it was about 11 degree centigrade. We ordered best pizza (restaurant's best) and steam boat... and have fun and laughing all the way... Everyone was happy...
Time to sleep... see ya tomorrow....

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