Friday, December 14, 2007

Arriving Hanoi

Finally we make it to Hanoi, Vietnam ! Something that I always wanted to do for already sometime. I have been planning to go somewhere, just somewhere out of the country which is further than Thailand and Singapore. I need a break. Somewhere I can afford to go, of course. With time and money constraint, where else ? It was either Siem Riep or Vietnam. Thanks God ! Airsia was offering cheap flight and I booked my tickets two months earlier. I managed to get fairly reasonable price. With Airasia, it's really "Everyone Can Fly". Photo above taken in KLCT, the new Air Asia airport while on transit for our next plane to Hanoi.
We started our journey on the 5th December. Flight from KB to KL was supposed to be at 9.45 pm. However due to the heavy down pour and strong wind in KB, our flight to KLCT airport was delayed to about 10.45 pm. We arrived KLCT around 11.30 pm. After kids playing and walking around to explore the new airport, we had some drinks and snacks at the Starbucks Cafe. Past midnight, we started feeling lazy and tired and begin looking around for a perfect spot for a short nap as our flight to Hanoi departs only at 6.30am. We are not the only one sleeping at the airport. And this is not our first time either. I noticed some people did brought along a sleeping bag at one of the corner. We did the same too. After all, we are just travelers too..

We arrived Hanoi airport at 9.30am. It ws a three hour flight.(Vietnam time is one hour behind Malaysian time). There were five of us.  We were immediately greeted by the driver of the hotel which I have booked through the Internet, as we approached the arrival hall.

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