Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Back to Hanoi..

We arrived at our guest house at about 4.30 pm from Ha Long Bay. After taking shower, without wasting much time, we immediately leave for sight seeing as we were running short of time. We only have one and a half day to explore Hanoi City before leaving for home. Photo: Hoan Kiem Lake
I have a long list of interesting places which I plan to visit. I knew they are somewhere close along the Old Quarter, but walking down Hanoi street is quite confusing as they have too many small streets ahead, horizontally and vertically. Those streets are quite messy with lots of motorbikes, cyclist and cars hooting at each other. The best thing to do is to get a good street map.
Photo: The Army Museum
Photo: The Flag Tower next to the Army Museum
Photo: The Army Museum
Photo: Statue of Vi Le Nin
Photo: busy street... of Hanoi
Photo: Bird's eye view of the Army Museum

Photo: Ngon Son Temple..
Photo: Van Mieu ( Temple Of Literature)
Photo: The Stele Of Doctor Laureates at the Van Mieu

Photo: Inside Temple Of Literature
Photo: Inside the Temple Of Literature
Photo: Frontage of Temple of Literature
Photo: Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum
Photo: Just Me "N" us.. in front of Ho Chi Minh's mausoleum
Photo: At the front of Ho Chi Minh's Museum
Photo: The Shrine next to the One Pillar Pagoda
Photo: Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum and Ba Dinh Square

Photo: The Army Office

We left Hanoi on the early morning of 12Th of December 2007 with fond memories..


DigitalShutterMania said...

Interesting post, great story and photos.


swordie said...

Great photo blog...
I've added you in both my blogs...

Max said...

Hello Sri K,

These photos are amazing, you are gifted indeed :)!

I forgot (in my previous comment - other blog of yours) to thank for your wishes, and wish you:

Happy New year!!!!!!


pB said...

Hai ...

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demo jalae sakae tu ...

panda tu , banjir banjir tu demo tubek klate ...

cibol said...

cool. thanks for dropping by my blog. Added your blog to my blogroll. Looks like ur having tons of fun there. cool place huh? I can't wait to take a step out from malaysia. Gosh!

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Happy New Year!!!

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arahman7 said...

Thanks for your comments, KB. To answer your question, YES, I am an addict. That's how I introduced myself in a meeting among us Recovering addicts. To outsiders, it may be a shocking exprience. We do that to remind ourselves who we were before - a specie nobody want!

Anyway, love your photos of Hanoi. God's willing I shall go there one of these days.

Happy New Year to you and family.

Greetings and lotsa love from Kuala Kangsar.

p/s You've three blogs. Which one is your Flag-ship?

kbguy said...

hi.. arahman7. No specific flag ship. All are my favourites with different theme..

Mat Salo said...

Eh bro'.. found your blog thru's sheih's. Nice pctures. Mind tell me what camera you are using? I spent four years in Vietnam, mainly South of Ho Chinh Minh and never even made it up to Hanoi... hai-yaa...

kbguy said...

hi mat salo, I am using Sony DSC-W70 and Canon EOS 400D.

Dick said...

Good photography, nice blog. I'll come back to see more. About exchanging links it's ok but which one is your main blog? I suppose it's this one. Happy New Year.

Zawi said...

Enjoyed the write very much. Will follow all your write up on travel as my wife and me love to travel too.

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Somewhere in Singapore said...

Hi Just me

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Juha Ylitalo said...

Army Museum and temples looks like interesting places. What kind of airplane they have in that first photograph from Army Museum?
Did you have chance to visit Viet Cong tunnels?

Navin said...

wow, beautiful places to see around :)

really nice pictures :)

liked em