Wednesday, January 23, 2008


After breakfast, we decides to go to Tambun to buy some Pamelos and Tambun biscuits to bring home. We ended up spending another few hours there as I met with an ex-colleague there. He brought us for lunch and to visit a few famous cave temples. We left Ipoh city at about 2.30pm.
Ipoh city is clean, developed and no traffic jam. The food is cheap and I heard the houses are cheap too. They have more shopping malls compared to KB. They have Tesco, Tesco Extra (a new Tesco outlet), Jusco, Giant and Ipoh Parade.
On our way back, I decide to stop at the Banding Lake again to snap a few more photos before the sunset. We arrived home at 9 pm.


Sugar Queens Dream said...

I love your Blogs. So nice to look at the pictures and read about things...
Hugs, Judy

Swubird said...

I just dropped by to check out your blog. It's interesting. I like the pictures too.

If you're in my blog neighborhood, stop by.

Have a nice day.

Kilroy_60 said...

You have me humming Willie Nelson's On The Road Again. But, I'm also feeling the need to pull over for breakfast, like I've been smoking weed with Willie.


Looking forward to see you at my progressive dinner. Get your entries in, eh...time's almost up!!

cibol said...

I've always love taking pictures. I am thinking of getting my own camera. Currently I'm depending on my N80 to take pictures which is ok but not really splendid I must say. ;) I Like your blog too. Hope to see more and more pictures everyday. ;) - If that is possible. About the hosting, I've emailed you about it.



katch PHOTO said...

nice photos