Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ipoh and the East - West Highway

The scenery from the peak of Banjaran Titiwangsa.
I was required to attend the company's Mid Year Review meeting In Ipoh recently. I have not drive to Ipoh for so many years already. This time I decide to use the same old route which is the East West Highway as I believe they offer interesting scenery as compare to the new KB-Gua Musang-Simpang Pulai-Ipoh route. I think the distance is almost the same, except that the road from KB to Gua Musang is too long and boring.

Whereas, the East West is across the Titiwangsa mountains and the journey takes about 7 hours with tea break and rest. But the scene is beautiful and relaxing and if you are lucky, you may get to see wild elephants. My first stop was at the peak of Banjaran Titiwangsa. Above is the bridge linking the mainland to Banding island.

The view of Banding Lake. A very popular spot for fishing enthusiastic.

Boats for hire at Banding Island for fishing and lake tour.
A cheap floating chalet. They also sells fresh water fish such as Kelah, caught by the aborigines or the Orang Asli. After Gerik, we stopped at Lenggong, a small town just before Kuala Kangsar to get refresh. The photo is the Jambatan DiRaja Lenggong taken just next to the R&R (Rest and Relax or Rehat dan Relax).

We finally reached Ipoh after about Seven and a half hours of driving This photo is taken from the Seventh floor of Ipoh City Hotel.

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