Saturday, January 5, 2008

Flood in Kota Bharu

The moment I step into the arrival hall of LCCT Airport, from our Hanoi trip I received the message telling us that KB town has flooded. We can't do much because we are still on transit for another night flight from LCCT to KB. Anyway, the next day I decide to explore a little bit and snap some photos to see how bad the situation is. Looking at it, I think it is not as bad as the previous years.


Zawi said...

Very nostalgic to see the black and white picture of your area from the earlier flood compared to the latest flood. I think you should put in more pictures of the recent flood as to depict the situation around the town since not many of us have the chance to be there during the flood.
Thanks for sharing.

Gale Rainwater said...

Wow hope all is well after the flood