Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sg. Kolok, Thailand

I haven't been to Thailand for more than seven to eight years now. Even though We are staying in Kelantan, and worst still my place is not really far to the Thai border. I remember I used to go there quite often, almost every month for food and visiting my cousins at Narathiwat until the bombing starts over at the Southern Thailand.
Today, me and the two boys tried to do something adventurous. The idea came after hearing some stories from a monk about their visit to Thailand recently. Their car got punctured along the highway by those nails spread by those irresponsible people. There were two army trucks in front of them but they just moved along even though with their tyres flat. I can understand why.
To cut it short, we went there for just a short visit. We drove our car in. It was very easy. No document required for a short and nearby visit. I never expect that even though I brought my Vehicle Registration card along. The Malaysian police just waive his hand and asked us to go along without asking anything. Then the passport/checkpoint also very convenient at the Malaysian side. Just show it to the immigration officer as we drive along. At the Thai side, that's where the troublesome starts. There were quite a huge crowd queing. And we have to acquire the middleman to write for us our entry permit form, and pay them RM2.00 per passport. I was told that this money will be distribute out half2 with the Thai immigration officers. So corrupted ! What happens if you try to be smart and write it yourself ? They'll tell you to go acquire the middleman to write and start queing all over again. And when stamping your passport, your photo will be taken using a web camera. This is as far the Thai security are concern. That's all.
We drove straight to our next destination i.e. looking for food. We no longer need to buy insurance for our vehicle nor have our vehicle declared. So straight off we drive there carefully and with caution. And there we head for Moon shadow Cafe which we haven't been there for many many years. A very cosy and nice cafe serving Thai food, real hot and spicy too !
if you have not been there before, this place is worth visiting. Some Malaysian people called it the Sewing Machine restaurant as their tables are made of old sewing machines. And they have lots of antiques displaying at the cafe.
Well, we spent there for about 1 and a half hours eating and relax for a while before proceeding to the 'talad' r the wet market to buy something back home. We bought 2kg of live crabs for RM20.00 per kg, a kg of cooked glutinous rice at RM10.00 per kg ( it's called santan pulut to be eaten with mangoes or durian) and some thai dish. In total we spend about RM150.00 there.
The exchange rate was RM150.00 = Thai Baht 1450
This is the first time the currency exchange is in favour of Thailand as far as I can recall.


Jeff said...

Wow...your photos are interesting, but your comments are even more interesting! Nails, bombing, flat tires, no car insurance, corruption, tables made out of sewing machines...

You make it very interesting to read.

Zawi said...

Banyak berani. I won't dare to go there anymore. Just dont want to take the risk as you can happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

kbguy said...

Zawi, haha.. most of the bombing happens around the pubs or the hotels. Well, I just try to avoid those places or crowded area. yes, I was quite worry too when i visited the wet market, but we went for a very fast one. Just keep making sure no one throw a parcel around .. hehe.. if you know what I mean.

RinG said...

see how easy for us and them to cross the border everyday! i hope there won't be any opportunist taking their step that will make us losing this. btw, sg kolok is interesting, you won't see an army standing on the street holding their M-16 at other country.

Jed Yoong said...

nice idea. maybe i'll do that next week. ;)

Anonymous said...

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