Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wat Uttamaram, Lubok Jong, Pasir Mas.

If you are on your way to Sg. Kolok, Thailand from Kota Bharu you should drop by this place call Wat Uttamaram at Batu 3, Lubok Jong, Pasir Mas.
The Buddhist temple is about 3km away from the main road, which is why it's also called the Wat Bt.3.
The architecture of this temple is influenced by the Thais due to its locality which is so near to Thailand. Moreover, the people living surrounding the temple are mostly Siamese as well.
This temple is visited by tourist most of the time especially from the West coast and, I heard that the building of the temple comprises of funds that came from donations mostly from Johorean and Singaporean. This is so because the Late chief Monk used to travel t0 the South to perform his duty as a monk.
On the left of the temple is a building comprises of a school teaching Thai language and a hostel for visiting tourist.
The main building of this temple is very old. However more and more buildings were build to accommodate for visitors from outside.

Behind the main building is the river which reminds me of our Taman Negara at Kuala Koh. It looks so natural.
For more information about this temple, you can read here, here and here.

I am taking the opportunity to post this article as this year is also Visit Kelantan Year.
Not far from Wat Uttamaram is Rantau Panjang where you can do your shopping for Thai stuffs and food. It is the border town to Thailand.


Zawi said...

I never knew there is a Wat around that area. it seems to be so beautiful with the river setting. Will try to visit it one day.
Beautiful pictures you got there. must be taken with the Canon EOS400D. I am still trying to decide on which SLR to buy. My budget is about RM3K. What do u suggest? I love the look and features of the Sony Alpha 350.

kbguy said...

Zawi, now they have EOS450D. RM3k is good ebough for a beginer. Btw, the photos taken is Sony DSC DW70, a simple digital camera. I carry an auto compact most of the time as it is not so bulky. Just remember, not all expensive camera takes good photos. It is the technic and what you want to take that matters.

Anonymous said...

Dear KB Guy,

Perhaps you may want to google Wat Uttamaram and learn about its history.

Wat Uttamaram without mention of Tok Raja/Bangset/LP Kron or Than Jan is no Wat Uttamaram.


/Sg Golok/Rantau Panjang Guy

kbguy said...

anonymous / Sg Golok / Rantau panjang Guy, , thanks for the info. I am sure you know more about the history of this temple since you are staying closer to it. Perhaps I should add a link to this. Do drop by again for comment as you please.

yeappie said...

Here is a link to Tok Raja:

kbguy said...

yeappie, thanks. Feel great to see you around again.

Norae said...

KB Guy,

Walaupun kampung di Pasir Mas, frankly I have never been there. Thanks for the info.

Inshaallah saya akan kesana bila balik kampung nanti..

"cuti2 malaysia di kampung".. aneh bunyinya..


kbguy said...

norae, kamu orang Pasir Mas ? Memang banyak tempat di Kelantan yang kita sendiri tidah pernah melawati. Saya akan cuba berkongsi maklumat dari masa ke semasa dengan foto2nya sekali. Kalau ada masa singah2 lah lagi ke blog ini.

RinG said...

aww, i've been there once.. and i remember the big one.. the big sitting one.. you didn't post it(or he or she?) here.. that was the main that people were looking into.. it's the biggest in malaysia if i'm not mistaken.. a big one in Kelantan!(islamic state) too good

Rusdi Abu Bakar said...

Kb Guy, your photo subject is really good. to give more impression for your photo i suggest you make a basic editing like to add colour, contrast, etc. i belive your photo will be mush better. im not saying ur photo is not good but my sugestion to improve it. Tq

ps: i like ur photo angle

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!