Friday, July 11, 2008

Kbguy goes Kajang !

Never would I imagine myself putting up a night in Kajang. But now that I have my kids in Bangi, and near to Kajang too, I decided to try staying there. It was hard trying to find hotels in Kajang as it is just a small town. Not many people stayed in Kajang before, or at least not from people that I know off. Even people from KL doesn't know any hotel in Kajang. But somehow I managed to find one on my own from the Internet, The Prescott Metro Inn. The hotel looks a bit old but I would say that's the best located hotel in the city and at affordable price too.... RM140.00 nett per night for a Standard Deluxe room. For RM170.00 nett, you get free breakfast for 2.
Talking about Kajang, the name "satay" would come along in my mind. Yes, satay Kajang. After I checked in the hotel, later in the evening, I decided to explore Kajang town. Kajang is quite a small town. You can walk to most of the places within the town. My first target is the Kajang Satay Haji Sanuri which is just a stone throw from my hotel. Ask any Kajang people on the street and they can show you the direction. Yes, we had satay for dinner. A stick of chicken or beef satay cost us RM0.60 . I think this it's quite reasonable priced as the meat is bigger compared to the satay in KB. Frankly speaking, I still prefer our satay in KB as they are not as sweet as the one in Kajang. Back to Restaurant Satay Haji Sanuri, the restaurant is quite spacious with 3 storeys high. This is my first time seeing such a large place selling satay, and surprisingly it is fully packed. Of course they also offer others in their menu too, but then everyone is eating satay, their popularity. For supper, we had hokkien mee at Restaurant Malaysia. The next day, we had dim sum for breakfast. We had satay for lunch too before we left Kajang. This time we had at Restaurant Malaysia. Funny, the restaurant is full too, and everyone is having satay there for lunch, dinner and supper.
Kajang is not as crowded as KL city. I think Kajang is a nice place itself as you can try a lot of good food just walking around and safer too. I think they only have one shopping complex, with Parkson as the anchor tenant.
If you are sending your children to UPM, KLIUC, UKM or Uniten, don't hesitate to stop by Kajang to explore. I am sure you'll love the place, at least the food.


Paih La said...

wow! DSLR..mantap2.

do you know a shop where i can get it for a price below than rm 2000? i mean a new one.

hoho, nice to have one.

kbguy said...

paih la, kalau below rm2,000,thatmeans without the kit lah. maksud I, no lens included. kalau slightly above ... about rm2,400 berlambak... rasanya.

Zawi said...

It must be Hotel Kajang Metro where you stayed right?
Paih La, there is a good second hand camera being offered by a fellow blogger at only RM1650. The camera is a Canon EOS 350D and it is as good as new. Call PB at 0133131031 to find out more (if it is not sold yet). Check ber blogsite to see the camera.

Nik Bahrum Bin Nik Abdullah said...

My last visit to Kajang I think about 10 years ago when it was still a very small town and when I used to eat satay in the stall type not as shown in your picture.

Still, as your remark I prefer KB satay thsn those.

Kelantan Bloggers said...

kbguy, I hv added you in Kelantan Bloggers' free ads.

Can you write a short blog post about Kelantan Bloggers. (20-30 words will do).


p.s. nice post about Kajang.

kbguy said...

Kelanatn bloggers, thanks for the free advert. I'll sure do.

Akmal said...

Kajang is a nice play. I've been there several times because my bro's place in Cheras is quite near to Kajang. But anyway, nothing like home right? :)
As for the satay, all I do is to eat; evaluation and all is quite out of me haha. But still, I love satay. Just don't start with cholestrol conversation, because I will eat anyway ;)

drizzter said...

Didn't know you were in Kajang. I've been living here for 7 years now. Actually there are 2 shopping complexes in Kajang hhaha... Not that I want to elaborate more about it since there were a lot more in KL which was not that far away from here anyway.
As for satay... maybe I can show you other shop rather than the well known Hj Samuri. Feel free to tell me next time you drop by Kajang.. it is a nice place to live indeed compare to the hectic KL.

kbguy said...

drizzter, I will be in going to kajang quite often now, I guess. Ok, I will contact you if iplan to go there again. Need to know more about the food over there and the hotel.