Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Pavilion

One of the latest shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur city is The Pavilion. Located at Jalan Bukit Bintang, the golden triangle of Kuala Lumpur, The Pavilion offer lots of designer and branded goods. But sorry to say, the prices are also very classy. The shopping complex itself is very posh and high class with the latest design concept. Their anchor tenant is the Parkson, if I am not mistaken.

To go over there from KL Sentral, all you need is take the monorail to Bukit Bintang. As you drop down from BB station, you will see the huge building of The Pavilion. You will never miss the building as lots and lots of people will be walking towards that direction. Just a little reminder to those of you taking the monorail, beware of pick pockets. That's where I lost my hand phone !
Just for those of you who would like to know, I was there just to look look, see see. Nothing much interest me at all as everything there is so expensive, especially for people like me from the kampung. My friend said, I must be behaving like a real kampung guy, no wonder those pick pocket pick on me. Haha.. But, back at my kampung town, those kampung friends says I must be dressing like a towkay, that is why they pick on me !! wah ! kah ! kah !... What a big joke !!!
For people like me, 20 minutes is all I need at the Pavilion. You see one, you see all. Yes, no need to go else where such as Bukit Bintang Plaza, Sungei Wang Plaza, Mid Valley or The Pyramid. They are all the same to me. People say, if you go to KL, you must go to all these places. To me, what's the big deal ? The pavilion is enough to represent it all. No need to waste time and money travelling to all those places. Yes, I am just a kbguy who just love to go to places which are more adventurous and natural instead of this modern jungle make up of steel and concrete, and so crowded.
Yes, you really can't put a fresh water fish into the sea. It's me. I've stayed in KL before. But I have given up KL life. I can't survive in KL anymore. Life there is too fast. People are really rushing. Rushing for what ? I myself don't even know. They are chasing for the public transport. Chasing for the bus, taxi, lrt, monorail and ktm commuter. They don't even realise they got pick pocket ! They even rush for food as if it's free of charge. They pay for expensive food and they call it high class. They compete among themselves. They work in the office politicking and back stabbing at each other. They compete every where.

Both husband and wife working. They left their kids unattended. And yet they tell their kampung friends that their kids are more exposed and independent. They think kampung kids are not independent ? They tell the kaumpung folks that their kids are very choosy with their clothing. They say their kids wear designer stuffs. They complaint and at the same time they praise as if trying to show off. I pity their kids having to wake up so early to take a bus and than transits another again to get to their school.
And every school holiday they go holiday overseas just because their friends, office colleagues and neighbours came back telling about their holiday trips, so they go to the trade fair booked for a cheap flight and cheap tour, to find out that they finally got cheated by the tour and ticketing agents. They rush and Que as everyone does the same too, but they have forgotten to check the clause, term and condition. And worst of all, they buy on credit !
I really pity all those people who originally from the kampung as well, but live in KL life style. Their life is like living in the Pavilion as well... always compete.
p/s: I would rather be a simple kbguy..


uncleawang said...

Hi KBguy,
Thanks for sharing yr trip to the shoping mall in KL with us.I will be there on 18th Jul.Hey not the Pavilion..maybe I go to Loyat just to have window shoping of Dlsr lenses(olympus).Just likeyou I'm not so intrested to go around the Mall..Makan yes.jalan jalan cari makan..Have a nice day.

quennezy said...
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quennezy said...
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quennezy said...


particularly the extremely contrast element portrayed by the pictures and the text


I am home now in Kota Bharu

kbguy said...

quennezy, welcome back !!!

kbguy said...

uncleawang, yes loyat sells alot of computer,hp and related products. They are within walking distance to The Pavilion too. I like o look for food too, but not on fast food. haha..

Zawi said...

You beat me to The Pavilion. I guess its no different to the One Borneo that I visited at Kota Kinabalu on the 27th July 2008. In fact One Borneo claims itself to be the biggest in Malaysia!
For me KB Mall or Tesco in Kota Bharu is good enough.

kbguy said...

Zawi..haha.. I wanted to say that. Yes KB mall and Tesco in KB is good enough for me too. The only problem is the $$$$$ not big enough for me to shop !!! haha...

Akmal said...

Shame on me, I can actually attend the grand opening because I was around. I have never been there, although PJ is like, what, RM3 away?
...on the second thought, no, I am not going to like the idea of being there anyway. Perhaps Apicentre is worth it, but for only that? Naah.