Wednesday, July 9, 2008

University Tenaga Nasional

During my 1 night stay at the Residence Hotel, Uniten, I managed to take a few photos around the campus.
One of my favourite spot is around the lake just behind Residence Hotel. From there, you can have pictorial view of Residence Hotel, the mosque, the hostel, part of the colleges and of course the lake itself.
If you intent to visit Uniten,you can take the KTM commuter from KL Sentral to Serdang. From Serdang, you have to take a taxi which charged a standard rate of RM10.00 per taxi. They will sent you straight to Uniten.
And if you intent to sleep in the campus, you can put up at Residence Hotel. They are charging RM195.00 nett for a deluxe room. I find it very expensive as they don't offer much facilities nor any nice interior decoration at all. Surprisingly, they are always fully booked.
Uniten is a very peaceful place. You don't see much traffic near and around the campus. You see a lot of green and ideally for students as they are not very congested or polluted. My only dislike is that, there is no public transport to the nearest township except only by taxi.
To those who come from a far places like Kelantan, Uniten is like a home near the city.


sad said...

The picture of the mosque is so calming..though it should be brigher.Anyway, nice pics.

Akmal said...

Uniten is a conducive place for studying. Transportation would be an issue for almost every campus in outskirt location; worse in rural area. The solution, *ehem ehem* give them transport haha. Me myself will have my own bike for transportation around here in IIUM Kuantan :)