Monday, October 20, 2008

Eating Half Egg Half Duckling !

PhotoHunt 132: Family - This is about our Family Outing. Hope you'll enjoy reading...
Yes, we are moving towards the end of the year and it's almost holiday season again. Talking about holiday, this is something we would like to share about what we did during the last year's holiday. We were at Sapa, Vietnam. When in Rome, do like what the Romans's do. That's what they say. So we look for something what the Vietnamese eat as well.
This is what they eat.. half duckling half egg roasted on charcoal with salt and pepper ! yuck ! At first we thought it's just like the normal eggs we used to eat, half boiled. So it was quite cold that day, and eating something hot by the street looks nice, interesting and yummy. So we ordered one just for a test. Only after poking the shell and pull out the content (yolk), we found out that it was a half or partially formed duckling. It's really terrible. I mean the smell and the looks. But the Vietnamese eats as if it's so delicious and yummy..
What do you think ? Did we eat it ?
Watch out about what else the Vietnamese eats on my next posting !
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uncleawang said...

Thank for visiting my photohunt.Sound like your photohunt will be great.. just can't wait to see yr next post.

sweetspirits said...

eeewwwy I'm a vegan shudders at the thought .