Thursday, October 23, 2008

This Is What We Eat In Hanoi !

This is what we actually get to try in Hanoi, Vietnam. Something not so exotic but hard to find back in Malaysia. Barbecue Sparrow meat ! I wonder how they catch the sparrow.
Barbecue pigeon meat.

And beef noodles, eating by the road side !


NoorSham said...

Sparrow ? Kalau burung merpati tu penak makan la. Masa saya cakap, kalau bini mengandung, kasi dia makan daging burung merpati putih. Nanti anak yang dilahirkan tu akan jadi bijak otaknya. Saya buat untuk anak pertama jer sebab sukar nak dapatkan burung merpati yang betul2 putih. LEpas tu saya kesian plak kat burung tu bila nak sembelih.

|1f34|-|1r3 said...

aduh..apsal la pelik2 makanan kat vietnam ni? hmm..camana la diorang tangkap ek? aku pon tertanya2 gak ni..guna pukat ke?

earthlingorgeous said...

Oh my! Is that a frog?

Mat Cendana said...

The sparrows - I think they'd have done it like we do in the Kelantan kampungs during certain times of the year.

Towards dusk, we'd place a net at some bush where you know they rest for the night. Go away from that area while they fly back. Then, when "everyone is home", we'd beat an empty biscuit tin or whatever, plus the bushes (from the other side of the nets, of course). Many of these birds, frightened, would just fly straight into the nets.