Saturday, December 20, 2008

China Trip - 1st Day In Shanghai

"W" for the "Wonderful Holidays We Had !" My China trip begin on the morning of Hari Raya Aidil Adha on the 8Th December. We took the first Airasia flight at about 9.45 am (slightly delayed) from Kota Baharu to KLCT. From there we put our luggage at the space rental at KL Sentral. Later, we meet up with our sons and went shopping a little. I got myself a luggage for my video recorder and Camera. We had lunch and dinner together with my two sons before we bid farewell for the trip. We left for KLCC at around 7.30 pm. Our flight to Shanghai by Malaysia Airline is at 1.40 am on 9Th December.
Our flight took off as schedule. The difference between Airasia travel and Malaysia Airline is that for Airasia you don't really get to choose you sit. Moreover the airport is kind of like Puduraya bus station. Very congested and is still under renovation, and no free food is served. As for MAS, you get free meals and unlimited soft and hard drinks, plus proper numbered sitting and posh waiting departure hall. We were given a choice of either noodles or rice. I took the noodles with fish as it's already too late for supper and a cup of white wine. This is the kind of food we were served for supper (above).
At almost 3 am, all lights were off except the back portion of the plane. I think I slept for almost 2 hours before I got up to get the view on the outside. How can I ever get a sleep especially on my first trip to China..
At almost 4.45 am, you get to see the sun rising from the window. It was amazing as I never see the sun rise during that early hours.
Our plane landed at Pu'dong Airport as scheduled. From there we met and transfer to Shanghai city by the magnetic train, lead by our Tour Guide. It's claim that the magnetic train also called the 'flight machine on the ground' is the fastest train in the world and speed at about 400 to 500 kilometres per hour. To me, it's just another version or similar to our KLIA Express. Our luggage were taken away by bus. The above is the first picture I taken as I step out of Pu'dong Airport while waiting for the transfer.
Our tour starts immediately. And our first visit is to the Chenghuang Temple. The place is quite crowded with mostly local tourist, as compared to foreigners.
Traditional building surrounding the temple where souvenirs were sold.
A kind of Chinese delicacies were made by hammering on the glutinous rice.
It was suggested by the tour guide that we take the bun over there for lunch as it is very famous among visitors. However, the que took us too long and we decided to have Timsum instead.
A very popular kind of candy made of fruits covered with sugar can be easily found all over in Shanghai.
Very organized bicycle parking lot. I wonder how safe they are as compared to Malaysia.
At about 5.30 pm, we were taken for dinner. Sunsets at around 5 pm, and by 5.30 pm it is already dark almost like 8pm in Malaysia. Later in the evening, we were brought to visit Huangpu by River cruise. From there, we get to see the most spectacular Shanghai city by night.
And we also visit the famous landmark of Shanghai, the Shanghai Pearl Tower for the bird view of Shanghai. By 9.30 pm, we were transferred to our Hotel at Di Hai Hotel (Shanghai) Tel 021-65865057.
Pardon for the poor quality of the photos due to the weather condition and visibility in Shanghai. Winter and misty. For more photos, kindly visit Sri Kebakat.


Akmal said...

I have only heard about that candy. You tried it? Amacam? :D

Zawi said...

A visit to Shanghai looks appetizing after you did it. Which company did you buy the package from?

uncleawang said...

I have problem with the connection lately as my comment could not be publish..anyway I keep on trying.
Our friend Akmal say he heard about the candy(ada buah tangan kee..)
but that candy is my fav when I was still a kid i still remember the Apek pikul the candy go around at our housing estate in Sibu..where Foochow is majority.
Hey!!i guess you enjoy the vacation and enjoy the jalan-jalan cari makan..hahaha.

Neva said...

I am impressed with how many photos you blogged. I have a hard time figuring out which ones to do and get confused! Lovely shots...looks like a nice vacation.

foodiejenn said...

WOW! That is absolutely a great vacation!

If you have time, please check my "W" posts here and here. Happy holidays!

Bear Naked said...

Wonderful vacation photos.

Seasons greetings from my blog to your blog.

Bear((( )))

ArneA said...

Great memories.
Merry Christmas!

antigoni said...

Great photos. Hope you have another beautiful holiday in the future. Merry Christmas.