Wednesday, December 24, 2008

China Trip - 3rd Day Suzhou / Wuxi

Suzhou - Wake up call is at 6.30 am, and breakfast is serve at 7.30 am. However I woke up at 5.30 am as the weather is too cold again. So I decided to convert the cold aircond into hot cond, however since the remote is written in Mandarin, i had trouble switching the air. Even the TV remote controller is in Mandarin, so I have trouble switching channels and reducing the volume.
Our hotel is opposite Sheraton Suzhou Hotel which you can see the photo on the top with the wall quite similar to a mini Great Wall Of China. Suzhou is a place of great beauty. In the old days, wealthy families used to settle down from all over China to built great mansions and exquisite gardens.
Today we were accompanied by an additional lady guide from Suzhou. Her name is Amy. Our first visit for the morning is the Jin Ji Lake, which offer lots of beautiful scenery's.
Then to Qu Garden.
Later we proceed to the silk facory called Suzhou Kaldi Silk Co. Lmt. producing bed sheets, comforter, bed cover and clothing. Fashion w re also make available to visiting tourist.
After the factory visit, we had lunch before waving goodbye to the Amy, the lady guide. Then, our journey begins to Wuxi.
Halfway, we stopped at Hangshan Temple.
After Hangshan Temple, it took us about another 1 and half hour by bus. Our first destination at Wuxi is the movie production studio or complex called the Three Kingdom Studio.
Lots of interesting photography spots were taken over here. They are mainly for shooting movies. We managed to watch the live show on an ancient act with horse riding and sword fighting act.
Before dark at about 5.30 pm, we left the place to a Tea Pot Manufacturer factory before adjourning for dinner. Then at 8.00 pm, our guide brought us to shop at Wuxi famous city.
At 9.30 pm, we left for our hotel.
Tonight, we slept at Tian Yi Hotel, Wuxi. Tel. 0510-83753999


Akmal said...

What a sunset! No way you took only one picture. Come on, post it in Sri Kebakat!

rainstorm said...

Nice sunset shot !