Friday, December 26, 2008

China Trip - 5th Day Nanjing / Hangzhou

Today, we left Nanjing slightly earlier than usual as the journey to Hangzhou will take us about 3 and a half hours. The photo below is the morning scene at around 8 am right in front of our hotel in Nanjing.
We visited a few other places in Nanjing first before we leave. Our first stop for the day is the Presidential Palace.
This is the former office of Dr. Sun Yat Sen
The grand entrance to the house where photos are exhibit. After the visit, we went to a visit to a Jade showroom. We were taught as to how to observed a real jade. Jade, crystal, pearl, agate, stone carving, jade carving, ivory, stationery, curio, scripts and paintings, seal carving, silk and toashi jade were available for sale. We had our lunch at the restaurant in the same building. After lunch, our journey to Hangzhou begin. We only stop along the highway once for refreshment, then continue with our journey. Our first destination at Hangzhou is to visit Lei Feng Pagoda.
Our tour at Lei Feng Pagoda completed at 5.30 pm when it's almost dark. We adjourned to dinner before taking a stroll at the famous and expensive shopping street in Hangzhou.
After the stroll along the lake and street of Hangzhou, the guide brought us to watch the famous cultural show in Hangzhou. The weather was cold at around 3 degree Celsius. But it was fun !
After the show, we went to our new sleeping place at Xixi Shibaja Hotel (Tel. 0571-56331818). We slept early as we are already tired for the day. Tomorrow, we won't be shifting hotel as we are staying for another night over here.


Zawi said...

Hopefully I will get to see Shanghai next year. My was so happy to see the pictures you posted.

mang iyus said...


On April 09, I visited Shanghai and Hangzhou. I'm impressed by your nice photograph. May I share your photos with my friends and mailing list members. Thankyou.


Chinese art admirer said...

I went to Suzhou and Hangzhou some years back. Intriguing. I would consider retiring there.

To quote the Chinese saying,

whilst there is paradise above,
we have Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth