Sunday, December 28, 2008

China Trip - 7th Day Hangzhou / Shanghai

7Th day - Hangzhou. Checking out from the hotel again as usual. We'll be leaving Hangzhou for Shanghai today, after visiting a few more places here. Today's Hangzhou city tour will bring us to the Hu Xue Yan's Former Residence.
Who is Hu Xue Yan ? Go google for it. The guide brought us around the big mansion and talk a lot about him, but I have no idea who is he yet.
After the visit, we were brought to the Organic Flower Tea Manufacturer. A short briefing were provided and we bought 3 cartons of them. Then proceed to Lunch at a restaurant next to the Chinese Herbal Medicinal Centre. After lunch, we were given free half an hour foot massage before the specialist came to prescribe the necessary medication and herbs. I didn't take up the free massage.
After that, we proceed by bus to Hangzhou shopping complex. One of the shopping complex I observed is Hangzhou Tower. However the complex we went in sold a lot of imitation goods. Over there, you can see mostly foreigners and also some Malaysian group. However, I didn't like the place there as most of the goods are highly priced. You have to bargain for more than 80% of the price. After that, we proceed for Shanghai by for a two hour journey, our final destination. Upon reaching Shanghai, we were brought for a dinner. Then to watch the Shanghai Acrobatic show. No photos were allowed to be taken. Then, last stop is at the walk.. something similar to our KL Bintang Walk with lots of expensive restaurants and boutiques.
After the walk we are back to the hotel where we first stayed in Shanghai, i.e. Di Hai Hotel
At the hotel, we took a walk to the nearby night market on our own. Things there are cheaper as they are frequent by the locals. By 11 pm we are back to the hotel to pack our things for the journey back to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow.

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Akmal said...

Look at the architecture! Man, ni baru betul magnificent!