Monday, December 29, 2008

China Trip - 8th Day Goodbye Shanghai !

17/12/2008, Tuesday. Woke up slightly earlier than usual. Have to re-pack our extra bags, with all the shopping stuffs we have bought in China during the last 7 days. Breakfast is as usual at the hotel. We'll be moving out of the hotel today, and also out of China as well. Our initial flight schedule has been changed from 1.40 pm to 4,40 pm. We were informed before our trip. That means we have more time in Shanghai. I need to finish my breakfast earlier as I wanted to take some snapshots around the hotel, the morning scene of people in action in Shanghai. As such I walk out alone nearby, watching at the street market just along the road to our hotel.
By 8.30 am, we left our hotel by bus. We'll be visiting the Jade Buddha Temple. The place is quite crowded. No photos were allowed to be taken at the Jade Buddha. They only allow photography at the surrounding temple.
After the temple visit, we proceed for our shopping at the street full of tourist for our extra time. I have no idea what the name of this street is, so I took a photo of the place. This street sells goods at reasonable price, and the traders are friendly. We managed to buy some souvenirs at our last stop and I also got myself a winter jacket for RM$55.00 and a pair of wool pants for RM$35.00

We had our own lunch over here. My daughter decides to have KFC, which taste a bit odd and differs from our Malaysian KFC. Their fried chicken doesn't use flour nor deep fried and they are much oilier. By 1.00 noon, we left the place for Pu'dong airport. I managed to take a few more photos along the way from the bus for the last time.
Finally we reached the airport and it takes sometime to clear all our documentation. By 3.30 pm, it time to say goodbye to our Tourist Guide Xiao Xuan. Photos were taken together. I have also decided to post some photos of Xiao Xuan, the Hangzhou man as an appreciation to his kind hospitality and excellent services during our 8 days / 6 Nights in Shanghai, Zhouzhuang, Suzhou, Wuxi, Nanjing, Hangzhou and back to Shanghai again. He is the guy who makes our trip a happening one without any glitches and a truly memory one. So, Xiao Xuan.. thank you very much ! (Hope someone who read this message can convey to him)
At 4.40 pm, our flight took off from Pu'dong airport. We left Shanghai with mix feeling. Feeling good to be back to our own home in Malaysia and to enjoy our good food, and feeling sad to leave China our memorable tour which will always be kept somewhere in our heart for a long long time, and also sad to be separated with all our new friends we have met during our stay. Here are some of the emails I received from these new friends a few days later after I reached home..
Roger Haw from Penang Wrote:

Greetings from Roger Haw and family of Penang!
We all are driving in our own street called LIFE and we are so glad that in one of the intersections we met all of you.
Friendship is a gift that is fair in all things. It roots from one’s heart and involves memories that stay not for a while but for a lifetime.
Life never seems to be the way we want it, but we live it the best way we can. There is no perfect life, but we can fill it with perfect moments.
Each one of us is creating our life anew every single day. In other words, our position today is the result of all the decisions we made in the past. You can only do what you are and what you are is determined by what you think about every single minute of every single day.
Having the opportunity to travel in a group of 43 persons like a big family consist of various background and personality is indeed a great pleasure and interesting experience which my family and I are treasure it very much.
Indeed our family enjoyed the entire trip to Shanghai. We look forward to meeting each other in the near future again.
Let's all share this very message of good will to each of us that recently acquaintance and in fact to all those beyond as well. May PEACE and LOVE prevail throughout the world in the coming year 2009.
May this Christmas be bright and cheerful, and may the New Year bring you new hopes, peace, good health and happiness.
If you have other members of our trip email addresses do provide it to me to enable me to send this profound greetings message to them.
Keep in touch always.
Best regards,
Roger Haw & family

James and Wife From Kuching Wrote:
hi guys,
just check into my office awhile ago and cant wait to check the email after being out for the past week with great new found friends ie you people lah!
That was my first time going on a tour with group like this and from impression that friends told, tour package could be very tiring esp. if some members of the group are uncooperative. From this tour we discovered otherwise and we enjoyed ourselves very much. Felt too short the trip.
It was great knowing you guys though we all started as strangers but ended as buddies.
we should keep in touch and maybe we will meet again.
and if anyone ever come to Kuching do give us a call and i be glad to be your guide... for Free!

And this is what I would like to tell China...

To China In Winter..
To China I visit,
with many photos I took,
friendship I created,
footprints I left,
with fond memories in my heart...
All I know is I will be back visiting you again...


Akmal said...

Now, street photography. Love 'em :)
"All I know is I will be back visiting you again..."
with that so much, sure you will.

Arija said...

Nice to see you are having such an enjoyable trip. Nice shots of street life in China.

fishing guy said...

KB: That was a thorough look at your trip in China. Thanks for sharing.

imac said...

Beautiful and colourful post.

Dee said...

Interesting. Sounds like you had a busy trip.

Zawi said...

Nice letters from Roger Haw and James. The sincerity in their heart showed through their words. How I wish I could join such a group.

Anonymous said...

Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.

- Kris

Anonymous said...

i needed that, yet another wonderful read. thx, you've got made my day:)