Friday, December 19, 2008

To China In Winter..

To China I visit,
with many photos I took,
friendship I created,
footprints I left,
with fond memories in my heart...
All I know is I will be back visiting China again...

Here is some of my records before posting the photos:

Destination: Shanghai / Zhouzhuang / Suzhou / Wuxi / Nanjing / Hangzhou
Duration: 8 days / 6 Nights
Depart KLIA : 7/12/08 at 1.40 am. Arrived at: 6.40 am
Return, Depart Pu'dong Airport, Shanghai: 16/12/08 at 4.10 pm, Arrive at: 9.40 pm
Tour Company: Hong Thai Tours & Travel (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Tour Leader: Samantha Soh from Hong Thai Tours.
Tour Guide: Xiao Suang from Hangzhou, China.
Temperature: 2 degree to 12 degree Centigrade.
Total Numbers of Persons In our Group: 43 / 12 families (excluding Tour leader and guide)

Our Cost:
Tour Package Price: RM$2218.00 per person inclusive meals, accommodation, airport tax and tips.
Optional tour: 300 RMB ( RM$150.00) per person.
Tips for luggage service: 10 RMB per person.
Extra Transport Cost: 20 RMB per person.

Additional Cost Not Included:
KB-KL-KB by Airasia on 8/12/08 at 9.05 am and Return on 17/12/08 at 9.30 pm : RM$567.00 for 3 persons.
1 night stay at Sun Inn Hotel, Serdang on 7/12/08 on transits: RM$95.00

Total Cost : $7,811.00 for 3 persons (My wife, daughter and me)

Of course this does not include shopping and other expenses in Kuala Lumpur.

I will be back with my photos soon.. So do drop by again..

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