Monday, March 17, 2008

Sungei Kelantan Boat Ride

Recently I decided to take a boat ride from the Kota Bharu jetty to Kampung Laut. The jetty is just a few steps away from the Tambatan di Raja.
I recalled the last time I took the same trip was almost 10 years ago. It was about 0.50 sen a trip. They have raise the price now to Rm1.00. I am sure that's fair enough for a 15 minutes ride, considering the escalating price of diesel nowadays.
I wanted to see the sunset and snap some photos. So, I hop onto the 6.00 pm.'s boat just in time.
We left the jetty at 6.00 pm sharp. No ticket required. Just pay RM1.00 and get into the boat, free sitting. I was surprised to see quite a number of people taking the boat. Probably due to after work and everyone is heading for home as it is cheaper and time saving instead of taking the bus or taxi, As our boat leave the jetty, I manage to snap a few photos.. Over here is the photo of a newly completed Mall cum hotel-apartment.
Most of the ladies tend to sit in front and the guys sit behind, somewhere near to the engine.
Everyone looks so exhausted from work.
After 15 minutes, we reached Kampung Laut jetty. Our boat rest for 15 minutes before taking off for the return journey.
Photo of a sundry shop nearby Kampung Laut jetty.
At 6.30 pm, our boat head back to Kota Bharu. It was empty.

Photo of a traditional house along the river, a water scooter and a temple nearby as we passed by Kampung China.

More sunset at Kelantan River.
And some more.
And some more.
At 6.45 pm, we reach the jetty.