Thursday, September 4, 2008

Taman Perbandaran Tengku Anis

I have not been using my camera for quite sometime now. Today, I took out my Canon EOS 400D out from the closet only to find out that I almost forgotten how to use it. Can't even find where the "on/off" switch is located ! So somewhere about noon, I took both of my camera, the canon and the compact Sony DSC DW 70 for some snap shots around town. Took a drive around KB town without any idea at all where to go.
Finally it strike my mind that the best place in town for photography is the Taman Perbandaran Tengku Anis, somewhere near, natural and with colourful floral landscaping.
The official opening ceremony of Taman Perbandaran Tengku Anis was officiated by the Duli Yang Maha Mulia Tuanku Ismail Petra Ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Yahya Petra on the 4Th September 2004. Coincidentally today is also the 4Th of September. As such, as at today this place is officially in it's 4Th year.
If you have no idea where this place is located, all you need to do is drive straight from Pengkalan Chepa Junction to Jalan Kebun Sultan. Go all the way straight until you reach a T-Junction. Turn to your left where you will see a newly constructed bridge, and the taman is just a few metres on the left. In around two years time, I expect this place to be a tourist attraction centre as they are constructing some projects which may attract locals and tourist. One is the Komplex Budaya with nice traditional architecture buildings and the other is the Sport complex consisting of a bowling centre, skating ring, a gymnasium, snooker centre, futsal stadium and a restaurant with an entertainment corner. Not bad, right ?
At the taman, they have a lot of mini traditional houses as play house for kids. And there is a children's corner with swings and slides and some kind of games I never even played before, also with swimming pools and water fountain for kids. They even have jogging tracks for adults. As such, on the normal day during the early morning and evening, you'll get to see a lot of elderly people exercising, jogging and walking to sweat out. There are also a few groups of people doing aerobics and some Chinese tai-chi (if I am not wrong). These people come around as early as about 6.30 am. There are also lots of people picnicking over there. Try visit there and you'll know what I mean. What I am trying to say here is that there are a lot of activities at the park.
By the way, all these photos taken with my Sony compact. I find it more convenient and durable to bring it around.
If you are planing to test out your camera, I think this is one interesting place for you to try it out.
Another suggestion is that if any of you would like to take up outdoor photography especially wedding, I suggest this is one beautiful scenery location for your snap ! snap ! wedding background.
See ? Am I right ?

Oops, before I almost forget, there is also a mini Zoo with peacocks, deers and pigeons.

And lots of flowers over here too ! I love taking colourful flowers but I don't wear colourful or floral clothing ! It's just not me ! My favourite clothing is still light pastel colours, earth tone, free and easy type. Preferably jeans and light cotton T-shirts with sneakers or sport shoe but unfortunately I can't wear that during my working hours. So, I'll probably have to wait until the week end to put on my real- me attire... free and easy and simple. That's it.. the simple kbguy !
This is exactly what I was looking for. Taking photos of the flowers. More as you scroll down. Enjoy yourself looking at them.

Swimming for kids ! Excellent place especially during hot weather. Where else can you find a pool in KB town to soak ?

Look how clean the place is. It is well maintained by the MPKB staffs. Hei ! you can also find rubber trees over here too ! With rubber seeds of course. When I first came here with my kids, we collected a lot of rubber seeds. I taught them to play with it. The game is you have to challenge the opponent by hitting their rubber seeds with ours. The one broken is consider loose. I recalled my childhood time where we seek for the best seed, one of it is called "anak-kerbau" a.k.a. anok-bubar. This is a smaller seed with thicker skin. We polished it with oil to make it reddish and shine ! And during that time, to find rubber seed, you have to go to the estates. And people always associate rubber estates with ghostly area.., such as pontianak or vampires ! He! he!... very scary ! So, if one of us were to shout "hantu !" or ghost !, everyone of us will run out of the estate as fast as we can. Btw, I can even make a helicopter using a rubber seed, with a string, a "lidi" make from coconut leaves, a rubber band and an ice cream stick. Maybe I'll blog about this traditional game one of these days.
A place for relax too. Suitable for picnic and a good nap while waiting for the kids to enjoy themselves.
They even have a proper and nice ' surau' for Muslim Prayers.
This is the place where all the kids look forward to go. And the best part is that it is free of charge. EXCEPT the pool area, where there is some charges for each kid.
This is one of the mini traditional house I mentioned earlier.

More flowers !
And more flowers !
And much much more flowers !

Oh ! No. I have to put all the flower photos over here which I have taken. They just look too good for me to keep them aside.
Although it is a very hot afternoon today, I have no regret going there for photography though I was sweating a lot. I am planning another trip, and this time I will be toying with my Canon EOS400D !