Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lingying Flying Peak @ Hangzhou

One of the reason why I enjoy touring as an independent traveller is that I get to go many places where a tour agency wouldn't bring us. Moreover I loves to take photos and moves on my own. Its difficult for me to follow a tour guide as I always got disappear or never listen much to the tour guide's stories whenever I see something else that attracts me more on the picture scene. And I don't like taking photos where there are a lot of people posting right in front especially on a popular spot. Of course travelling by package tour will be nice because you don't have to do much planning or search for much information except the price. However the schedule is fixed and is very tight. There are pros and cons for tour package and independent travelling, but I will reserve my tour package for the later time, may be after I reach my 60 something, with god's willing.
One of the interesting places I went to in Hangzhou is climbing the Ling Ying Flying Park. This place is not included in any of our local tour package as it is time consuming, and not applicable to all especially the elderly. There is nothing much for those who don't enjoy mountain climbing. But to me, it does make a difference especially the forest compared to ours .. this one looks more like what you see in a kung fu or a shaolin movie. With lots of bamboos..
You have to buy ticket to enter the forest reserve or the park. The charges is 35 Yuan per person. Right before the entrance is the resort for pilgrimage of Ling Ying Temple. This resort is also superb and clean, with traditional sundry shops made of timber and looks very attractive and interesting... selling groceries, herbs, Chinese medicine, tea leaves, cafe and vegetarian shops.
After touring around the resort, we begin our walk to the peak.

The climbing was easy as they have steps. However, many times we thought of giving up, but looking at it..since we came so far, why not we just try to complete to the peak. The best part is that we don't sweat much even though we are on thick clothing. I am wearing 4 pieces, just for your info.. the inner t-shirt, the long sleeve shirt, the sweater and finally a jacket. Well, I did stop a few times resting before finally reaching the highest peak.
And here is a photo of my achievement, at the Ling Ying Flying Peak. After resting for about 10 minutes, we trek down to the nearby and famous Ling Ying Temple.
To be continue.. coming next .. The Ling Ying Temple
Going for my evening jog now.. the time is 6.55 pm.. and thanks for reading my humble posting about my travel..


rainstorm said...

Nice photos!

mantse said...

This is my fault that my English is not good enough and i am afriad that cannot express me directly. thanks for your visit.

I like to travel independently also. same reason as yours. More, i really enjoy the time on planning a trip as i have read some materials for that place to have a brief understanding.

The trip start when i do plan. Make the trip more funny and longer!

Akmal said...

Kalau dah jumpa gunung, mana boleh tahan. Mesti hike! :D