Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wushanyi, Hangzhou

The Hotel we stayed at Hangzhou is JianFeng Hotel located at 30, Qiutao North Road Hangzhou, China. Telephone: (0571)86966688 booked by our Hanzhourian friend. Transportation is quite convenient as the hotel is located right in the town with bus stops at the very front of the hotel. The hotel have 190 rooms with KTV facilities and restaurants and lobby bar. We pay RMB270 per night with 3 beds and breakfast inclusive. Most of the occupants are business men / women.
On the 1st day after checking in, I started to make a few phone calls to explore more of the hotel in Hangzhou. Wade suggested me to check into youth hostel which is cheaper and more localize with English speaking staffs. He suggested Mingtown Youth Hostel. However, it was fully booked except the mix sharing dormitory. As such I decided to booked for another hostel Wushanyi International Youth Hostel with 3 beds in a room, at RMB228.00 per night. So, on the next morning after breakfast, we hop on to the bus and head to Wushanyi area and found a lot of interesting places instead.
First we found that the place is a popular tourist area with lots and lots of local tourist offering scenic spot, variety of local foods and shops. We end up touring the area till the evening instead of checking into the hostel.
We skipped the shopping area with many traditional buildings around, and walk towards the hill for our 1st exploration. The weather was good and chilling. We first stop at Hangzhou History Museum. The first thing the guard told us is.. welcome and no ticket charges. So we walk in and have fun..
Spending about an hour or two in the museum, we then take a slow walk up the hill again snapping photos here and there all along the way. Then we reached a temple. This time tickets are required, inclusive of a tour guide.
Took a few photos around the temple and spend a few hours there.

After touring around the hill, we walk down and proceed to People's park. There we met a friendly elderly man around 60's. He followed us to the bus stop to show us some travel tips around Hangzhou, places of interest, bus fares, Hangzhou map guide and some time chatting before proceeding for his regular evening exercise at the People's Park.
During the night, we went for food exploration at the same area before taking the bus back to our hotel.


Nadine Zuharra said...

so many traditional buildings here..
i'm agree with you.. Hangzhou is very unique & beautiful city..
really enjoy watching all the pictures..: )

Louise said...

Interesting post.

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Thank you so much.

Guy D said...

Fantastic photos of a beautiful place.

Have a great weekend!
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uncleawang said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful holiday and the photos us how beautiful is the city.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Glennis said...

Great holiday adventure, this city is very attractive, and obviously a friendly place too. The temple is an amazing bilding, even the fence is attratice and unusual.