Thursday, April 16, 2009

First Chinese Muslim In Malaysia

I think this is the first Chinese architecture Muslim Mosque in Kelantan, and also in Malaysia. Located at Rantau Panjang, very closed to the southern Thai border, about 500 metres away. Just in front of the mosque, you can see the Immigration Check point.
And for those who have not been to Kelantan, Rantan Panjang is a small little trading town which sells a lot of Thai products to our Malaysian visitors and at the same time sells local stuffs to the Thai visitors. And Sungei Kolok is the nearest town in Thailand, which is quite a walking distance from the check point, or alternatively you can either hire a trishaw or a motorbike to get there. One important advice to those who are crossing to the Thai border, do not deal with anyone approaching you with all sort of offers especially the illegal one, be it motor bike service or tour service especially the 'men only' visitors because they may force you to visit the brothel or else.. !
While you are in Rantau Panjang you can also visit another Thai architecture Buddhist Temple, Wat Uttamaran at Lubok Jong, Pasir Mas district which is on the same road on your return journey to Pasir Mas town.
Back to the mosque, as to date, the mosque is almost 95% completed and is expected to attract mostly local and Thai tourist.


uncleawang said...

Beautiful design..good information.
Thanks for sharing.

Mia's Mom said...

Dear kbguy,

Thank you for the insight. Well, this architecture somehow reminds me of some postcards on buildings in Taiwan which my sister sent me when she was studying in Taipei. Beautiful isn't it? I hope I will get the chance to visit it when it is completed. Can't wait to see the interior.

Photo Cache said...

that is a beautiful exterior. now i am curious as to how the interior looks like.

Erin said...

a lovely complex...and insightful post. looking forward to seeing shots of the interior.

Arija said...

I like the first one best where you have hidden the wires a little.

Anonymous said...

go to the housing area behind to see the back of the mosque.


maybe the town council can clean up the "lake" so as to further enhance its beauty.

Romli Daud said...

Yes...cantik masjid tu...kawan sedang buat kerja-kerja akhir...kat masjid tu..

Ilan said...

Excellent photos. Really nicely done
Thank you for sharing, great photoblog :)