Friday, April 3, 2009

Pot Luck and Qing Ming 清明

This time it's Qing Ming at the Pauh Lima cemetery. It's not actually a cemetery I guess, it's the yard for the family members and some others only. Anyway, my paternal grandfather and grandmother and my great grandmother (grand mother's mother) and aunt is buried there.
The grand children and great grand children from far and near all gathered at this place every year to offer prayers bringing along their own food as if there is a pot luck party going on. Some of the cousins come as far as Bangkok to celebrate this happy occasion every year without fail. As usual, my wife and me will be driving separately chauffeuring and taking care of those from Kuala Lumpur and Thailand for this event, fetching and sending them off for the day.
The Pauh Lima Siamese temple is now becoming a popular place for now with more and more people keeping the ashes of their death family members. One more building has been constructed for this purpose. The present one is almost fully occupied.
I didn't take any photos of us in celebration. But just before we leave the place, I manage to take some pictures of the temple and it's surrounding. And the last photos only shows some of our members at my house before leaving back to Thailand and Kuala Lumpur again on the same day.
So, "wa dee krup and choke dee" to the Thais and hope to see you fellas again next year ! Happy Qing Ming to all !


Dylan said...

I've read about Qing Ming before, but what exactly is its significance? Would love to know.

bubblyface said...

lol,I'm Wade..haha

Guy D said...

Great post.

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