Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wat Pracacinaram

I am not sure I have posted about this Temple or not, but for the benefit of the doubt I am posting again for those who are keen to know. This is Wat Pracacinaram or commonly know by the locals as Wat Kampung Kulim because it is located at Kampung Kulim, Wakaf Bharu, Kelantan. It is the nearest siamese Temple to Kota Bharu town, just a short distance from the Kelantan River and even closer to the Wakaf Bharu train station. You can even walk to the temple from the train station. The temple also provide Sauna facilities to all using herbal therapy. They have different rooms and lockers for different sexes and payment is by donations. For the keen Buddhist, you can visit the temple for "saibat" by offering food to the monks on every "Wan Prak" at about 6.30 am. During the time, the monks will be chanting prayers and last for about an hour. And on every Wesak Day, the temple will be celebrating it with many activities for the young and the elderly to encourage more devotees to visit the temple. For more information or festival activities about this temple, you can always write to me as I am staying about a stone throw away from the temple.


uncleawang said...

Another beautiful place to visit..
Nice photo.

chanpheng said...

Very interesting to see your photos. I looked at the map and saw that Kelantan is right over the border from Thailand, so I imagine there must be a lot of ethnic Thai people living in Kelantan. Wikipedia says that there are two hundred Thai temples there; I'm surprised to see how distinctly Thai there are! Beautiful!