Saturday, May 30, 2009

Closer To Great Wall..

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I was thinking of dropping the idea of touring overseas after the spread of swine flu H1N1 world wide for some period of time, but after reconsidering the tickets I've already bought, I might as well go ahead with my plans but to take precautionary measures where necessary, such as wearing mask in crowded areas.
This will be my first time going for a holiday on a solo basics after I got attached. So the feeling of guilt and reluctant does mingle in my mind, although I have to accept the fact that the kids have grown up and I have to make use to it and be prepare to do everything on my own just like during my bachelorhood days or at least with my other half.
Going on a photography-solo tour independently to the Great Wall Of China is one of my wish since a very long time ago. This time I am going to make it happened !
And here are my tour itinerary:
Day 1 - Depart KB - KLIA (LCCT) @ 11.35 pm (Fare RM31.50)
Arrive 11.30 pm
Over night at Tune @ RM16.18 / night
Day 2 - Depart KLIA (LCCT) - Tianjin Binhai Int. Hotel @ 8.30 am (Fare RM336.50)
Arrive 2.35 pm
Proceed to Beijing by Express Train / Bus which ever convenient
Overnight at Youth Hostel @ RMB100 /bed (8 beds per dorm)
Free and Easy.
Day 3 - 7 am - Break fast on my own
8.30 am Tour Badaling Great Wall and Ming Tombs by
Evening - Free and Easy
Day 4 - 7 am - Break fast on my own
8.30 am Tour Tian'anmen Square, Forbidden city, Temple of Heaven and Summer
Pallace by
Day 5 - Visit Xicheng District
Places of Interest - Hutong Travel, Beihai Park, Gong Palace Garden and Beijing Zoo.
Day 6 - Visit Mutianyu Great Wall Of China on solo climb.
Haidian District - Beijing University, Botanical Garden, CCTV, Beijing Film Travel City
Evening - Beijing Kungfu Night Show @ Chongwen District
Day 7 - Proceed to Tianjing
Day 8 - Tianjing, Free and Easy.
Depart Tianjin Binhai Int Airport @ 3.50 pm (Fare RM336.50). Arrive @ 10.05 pm
Overnight at Tune at RM31.00 per night
Day 9 - Deapart KLIA (KLCT) at 7.30 am (Fare: RM31.00)
Arrive @ 8.25 am. Proceed to Office for Work !
Total Flight Fare by Airasia : RM 735.00
Tune 2 Nights Accommodation: RM62.00
Budgeted Accommodation in China: RM600.00
Budgeted Meals: RM 10.00 per meal x 3 meals per day x 9 days = RM270.00
Entrance Fees and Transportation: Budget RM300.00
Total Budget For Flight, Tours, Accommodation and Food : RM1,967.00
My advice to those who are looking for cheap tours, go for package guided tours. Very likely is that you get a cheaper package with a tour guide, accommodation, meals and entrance fees to tourist spot with shorter stay.
The difference is that I stay longer, the price include flight from my home based and I get more coverage and travel at my own sweet time, without strict schedule.
Most importantly is that I can take photos on my own sweet time and the lesson and the adventure I am going to experience while I am capable. Learning the language and the city on my own and the experience is something I am unable to set the price will sure last a life time for sure..


Akmal said...

so many interesting places you can snap pictures at!
memory cukup ke tak ni? hehehhee :D

jeannette stgermain said...

Just take a lot of pics! Some surprizes at the Great Wall -a den of (I think ) 40 panda bears, the jade factory - exquisite jade, and how they process it! Hope you have more luck than we did - when hubby and son went, you could hardly see anything in the distance, so we have only close ups from the wall.
Sounds like a lot of travel - have fun!!

rainstorm said...

Day 4 is too pack la KB Guy. Frankly speaking, to see Forbidden City alone would need at least 1 full day. How la to cover Summer Palace, Forbidden City & Temples of Heaven in 1 day ?

Hostels Barcelona said...

Great place to be! my plans are travelling through China in 2010...I cant wait for that, by the way, great blog, with lots of info and excellent experiences