Saturday, May 16, 2009

Recalling Back My Oversea Trips - Vietnam

Photo of shops in HaNoi, Vietnam
Thailand is the most traveled overseas trip I have ever being. Not because of what you male fellow Malaysian or Singaporean would think off, I used to go there because my cousins are Thai, and besides Thailand is so near to my place, especially Sg. Kolok. I drove to Sg. Kolok to Hadyai and Yala, fly to Phuket, and by train to Bangkok, Cheang Mai and by van to Cheang Rai.
I stopped going into Thailand since it's political situation getting unstable with many bomb blast at the Southern Thailand since 6 years ago.
And my second most frequent country is Singapore. It's because my former work requires me to travel there and also my liking towards the clean city. However due to it's currency exchange unfavoured us Malaysian, I can't afford to go there often anymore. Moreover, we have better exchange rates over other Asian countries, and standard of living which is at par as Malaysia. Anyway those two countries was during the past. It wasn't during my digital era, so I have no digital photos of them to show off.
My real digital era started during my Vietnam tour after a long break from traveling overseas. I bought my first DSLR Canon EOS400D camera to bring along. I also brought the whole family along. And everyone was very happy and excited about it as it was their first long distance trip by airasia, especially to country which is foreign to us in kind of language and culture.
Photo of HaLong Bay
Photo of hill tribes at Sapa, Vietnam
For more photos and details about my Vietnam visit, please click 'here', 'here'and 'here'.


uncleawang said...

Look good when convert to B&W:)
Ada booking tak AirAsia 100000 free seat international & domestic??

Mia's Mom said...

Hi kbguy!(:-D)

Love the photos. When I was a teenager, I read a book entitled "Message from Nam" by Daniel Steel. And Vietnam has been one of the countries which is in my "To Visit" list. My friend who went there 2 years ago said that Vietnam is on the way to become a developing country. Hopefully one day I'll can cross it from my list (after visiting it of course!)

Aileni said...

You are quite the traveller. I just sit here and read about it.

mamadou said...

KB Guy

The B&W look tremendously great especially down to our memory lane. Nostalagic

Anonymous said...

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