Sunday, May 31, 2009

Taking A Break For Great Wall Of China !

I am taking a short break for almost 2 weeks for my Great Wall China Tour begin this June and I'll be back with more photos for posting. With 2 cameras in hand and 14 gigabyte of memory space, that will keep my time occupy travelling solo and lots and lots of stuffs to post about after my return. For the time being, kindly browse around my previous post and I hope you'll enjoy watching them. Do drop me a line at the 'comment' if you happen to drop by, so that I will know. Or you can also visit my photo blog at Sri Kebakat. I will be back soon.
And here is a lovely flower to accompany your day. Thanks for dropping by..


uncleawang said...

No wonder you can't sleep well & blogging at 02:00Am.Heheheh..rupa nya exciting nak pergi melancong solo.By the way enjoy yourself,take care & don't forget PHOTOS..ok.

mantse said...

Great~~~ looking forward to your photos~~~ and good trip!!!

Pat - Arkansas said...

What an exciting adventure lies ahead. I will be delighted to see your photos and read all about your trip. Travel safely!

Juliana RW said...

Lovely. Never seen in here ;)

My entry this week: in HERE. I hope that you can stop by as well. Thanks


Lovely little flower, I guess a wild flower! There is a lot of beautiful wild flowers around!

No wonder you are excited! Have a great trip - and a safe trip!

Arija said...

A beautiful herb, is it a veriety of Basil that I do not recognise?
Have fun along the Great Wall!!

Luiz Santilli Jr said...

Hi Kbguy

May be wonderful a Great wall China Tour!
A day I'will visit China also!
Marvelous and lovely flowers.


fishing guy said...

KB: Have a great trip and I'm sure you will get neat photos. That is cetainly an interesting flower.

Ebie said...

I don't blame your for taking along those gear to the Great Wall. I have not been there but I am sure there's a lot of beauty and history to see. I am looking forward to your pictures. Have a safe trip!

Anonymous said...


Carletta said...

A lovely flower!
Have a wonderful trip and stay safe. Looking forward to all the photos you will share on your return.

Titania said...

A nice way to say "adieu" with a nice flower. Have a lovely, interesting holiday.

Blossom said...

I know that flower. Used to see it everywhere at one time but they are hard to find nowadays.
Have a nice trip to China.

mimi said...

we have this flower here too, the purple one.

Tulip said...

beautiful view of great wall of china. how i wish i could visit that place someday. you have a cute purple flower. we have this kind in the philippines as well.

Thomas C B Chua said...

Kbguy, have a GREAT trip. Take care. God bless.

Julie said...

Lovely shot, have fun on your trip.

kbguy (福生) said...

Thanks all. Bye and see you again on my return..