Monday, May 11, 2009

Wat Chonprachumthat

It was almost 5 pm, while driving on my way back from a site visit along Tumpat road, I took a diversion along the road to Palekbang. It was quite windy, as such I wind down my window and had a slow drive while feeling the breeze along Sungei Kelantan.Then I came across a beautiful entrance with a Thai architecture of a Buddhist Temple along this isolated road called Wat Chonprachumthat at Kampung Dalam, Tumpat, Kelantan. Actually I have came here before long time ago, but with the donations collected, they have reconstructed the temple again from an old wooden temple. Since than, I have not visit the place again. And I am amaze the see the great changes.
Actually the temple is just a few kilometres down along the way from Wat Maisuwankiri if you are driving from the opposite direction which most people do. And most tourist stops at Wat Maisuwankiri without knowing there is another beautiful Temple down the road. I suggest those of you visiting to proceed further down next time while you are there as Wat Chonprachumthat is less than 2 kilometres away and is worth the visit. You can even walk there.
I didn't manage to take the photos of the buildings at the temple as it was almost dark and looks like it is going to have a heavy rain pour minutes after I went in. And it does rain after that. Maybe next time.
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erin said...

beautiful the details.
have a great week.

Mary Elizabeth said...

Really Beautiful!
Well snapped.
Thanks for sharing.
Mary Elizabeth @ Now and Then

ewok1993 said...

Tne entrance is very beautiful and ornate. May be next time you'll visit you can share photos of the temple. But the gate is already wonderful.

SandyCarlson said...

Ah, so dramatic and intense. Very nice.

Guy D said...

Great photos, thats amazing architecture.

Have a great week
Regina In Pictures

Arija said...

Wonderful skylines.

Karen said...

What a beautiful temple !!!

I love the details in the third photo and the silhouette effect in the last..

Very nic shots..

Jenn said...

Beautiful architecture... how intricate!