Sunday, June 14, 2009

Airasia X Flight Delayed !

"Kindly be informed that your flight D72612 scheduled to depart from the LCCT at 0830am on 4th June 2009 has now re timed 1415pm, due to the late arrival of the aircraft caused by heavy fog in Perth earlier today. Your flight will arrive in Tianjin at 2020pm, 4th June 2009. For further queries, email to" Airsia X apologises for the inconvenience caused.
That was the sms I received few hours before the flight departure. I was already at the airport at that time. Nothing can be done now. So I just hang out around the terminal area, and check at 3 hours before the new schedule. At 1415 pm, everyone was queueing to board the plane. But since there is no clearance instruction given, we have to wait for another one hour before we were finally given the green light to enter the aeroplane. At about 4 pm the plane take off.That was a bad start to my journey. I was worry as well because I will be landing in a foreign country around mid night, where I speak very little of their language and I still need to travel from Tianjin to Beijing either by bus or train. I wonder are they still available at that time of the day.The moment our plane take off, every grudges and complaints I wanted to make towards airasia X is forgotten and forgiven as I get to view the most wonderful and splendid view I ever had. I am now flying above the clouds.
No, it's not a dream anymore. I am actually flying to Tianjin, and to Beijing ! My dream has come true. I have waited for along time for this moment. And looking at those clouds actually makes me forgotten the pain I have to go through for 6 hours in the plane. Yes, it's a 6 hours journey and your back and ass gonna ache ! Luckily I was given 2 seat to myself. So I can move my position more easily and at ease.
For six hours in the sky I get to see the bright clouds like cotton, and I also get to see the sunset.
The actual problem starts when the plane landed. Well, we have to wait for a few more minutes before the Chinese sent their health team to check on the crew and the passengers before allowing them to get off the airplane for security and safety measures to prevent the swine flue H1N1 from spreading into the country. The plane has to be spray with anti bacteria as well including the passengers inside. And they check to make sure the health declaration form are dully filled especially the contact numbers in case there is a need to. And that's takes almost an hour queueing to get through the check point.
At 11pm, there is no more public transport at the airport. There are about 35 passengers of airasia going to Beijing. Airasia arrange a spacial bus to transits us to Beijing. But due to the wee hours, they wanted to charge us double the normal fare. But after some arguments, they finally agreed to reduce to half the fare as per normal fare. We reached Beijing at 1 am at the Bus Stop.
I took the taxi to my hostel.

Taxi Driver: Ni Shi Chong Na Ke Guo Jia Lai ? (Which Country Do You Come From ?) Me: Wo Shi Chong Ma-Lai-Xi-Ya Lai. ( I Come From Malaysia). Taxi Driver: Beijing Huan Ying Ni (Beijing Welcomes You)

I feel relieved for the courteous attitude of the taxi driver after all the troublesome I had. I am now in Beijing !!

Please play the video above with English subtitles to feel the way I feel on 'Beijing Welcomes You". Yes, Beijing did welcome me indeed !


rainstorm said...

Since is a medium-haul to Tianjin, the seats can recline or not ?

kbguy (福生) said...

rainstorm, the seat can recline a bit only.

Unseen Rajasthan said...

What a fantastic set of pictures !! Really loved the clouds ...Great Post..

Rajesh said...

Beautiful snaps of clouds in the blue sky.

bisu said...

Really envy u...

Wish i could do that one of this day...

Tabib said...

Congratulation on your Beijing trip.
That sky and clouds are cool!.
It was no fun sitting for six hours in economy cramp seat.

James said...

Very nice and different I'm not used to seeing the clouds from that side.

erin said...

awesome cloud(s) captures. enjoyed each and every one of them. so wish i could return to china. i loved it when i was there many, many years ago. one day i will return.
enjoy your trip. looking forward to more shots :)

Photo Cache said...

those clouds can really make everything right, don't they.

flight delays seem to be part and parcel of air travel. nothing really we can do about them, but ride it out.

Eric(NL) said...

WOW, the last one gets my full attention, great picture, well composed and superb colors!!

Have a nice SWF.

Greetings from Netherlands.

Darcel said...

I love these! Beautiful colors. They make you want to float on them,wherever they are going.
I love the last one too.

Karen said...

That is one of the things that I like most about flying in a plane ... being able to watch the clouds.

Your shots are wonderful !!