Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Beijing Tangyue Hotel

Tang Yue Hotel,
No. 52-54, Donghuamen Street,
Dongcheng District,
Telephone: 010-65252523, 010-65252502.
I strongly recommend this hotel if you are a first timer to Beijing, as it it very convenience to most popular tourist spot in Beijing. As you walk out from this hotel, turn to your left and walk for about less than 1 kilometre and you will reach the behind of the Forbidden City. Follow the river or the wall of The Forbidden City, and you will reach Tian'anmen Square, Mao Tze Tung Memorial and others. On the right of the hotel is the Food Street and famous Walking Street Of WangFujing.
At the time I was staying, the promotion rate was RMB195.00 per night. The room and toilet is clean and spacious. Everything is provided just like any other hotel. If you were to convert to Malaysian Ringgit, it would be about RM$100.00 per night (US$30) ! Value for money. What else can you ask for, from a 3 star hotel.
To be continue.. on Walking Around The Hotel.

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