Sunday, June 21, 2009

Chun Yi, The Legend Of Kung Fu

Even before my trip to Beijing, I already make up my mind to make it to the Kung Fu show. I know China do offer a lot of super live performance such as the Chinese Acrobatic Show and Chinese Opera Show. Since I already watch the Chinese Acrobatic Show in Nanjing and Hangzhou during my previous visit, I make it the point to visit the Kung Fu show which has been proclaimed as the most exciting kung fu show in the world !
I bought the ticket from the tour agent opposite my hotel. The lady was kind enough to look for me for the best seat available even though I didn't make any prior reservation. She told me usually the ticket would be sold out for the day as they are mostly bought by tour operators in bulk quantities. I took the cheapest available at 180 yuan, but with good seating. It is a daily performance and the show starts at 7.30 pm
I have great expectation from this performance as I heard many great comment on the show from the Internet. To my great surprise, the show exceeded my expectation from the very beginning till the end. I have never seen such an amazing and lively performance from a live act. It is a combination of martial art, dance and drama with full of action and very entertaining. The backdrop, setting and lighting together with the act is super. The two hours act came to an end without me even realizing it. It was too soon to end. I wish the show could go on for another hour or two.
At the end of the show I took some photos with the performers as remembrance. I also bought a DVD comprises of the recorded live act and songs, which I think it's worth it to keep as souvenirs. However, watching the DVD will never be the same as watching the live performance.
I strongly recommend any visitors to watch the Kung Fu show when visiting Beijing. The particulars are as below:

The Red Theatre,
44, Xing Fu Da Jie,
Chongwen District,
Reservation: 133-6662-6663
Performance: Every Evening 19.30 PM


Thomas C B Chua said...

KBguy, great trip n now u r sharing with us your experience, tks. How I wish I could tag along with u, carrying your camera bag, changing lens 4 u, etc.

JM said...

Fantastic post and amazing photos!
Thank you for your visit and comment.

xplorer said...

i had seen one of the kung fu show during my visit there also and it is amazing

Fendi @ Motojhiro said...

amazing, like 16 shoalin

ipohchai said...

Amazing Kung Fu show heh,
feel like wana goto Beijing liao

Max said...

Hey again,

The kids are so cute!

I love Kung Fu, and I love watching this kind of show, although I never watched in loco. But I will someday :).

Thanks for sharing this with us :D!


Boon said...

Sound exciting! I saw the advert on the London Tube, apparently they're on a worldwide tour now and will be performing in London in early August!

Some information I've managed to find about it:

John Mac said...

Hi I also was in Beijing around 23 July 2009, and went to Red Theatre, I though Chun Yi Legend Of Kung Fu Was Fantastic. My Only Regret Was I Never Bought The DVD, And I Have Searched In Vain Trying To Get It, "No Luck"
John Mac UK