Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Exotic Food @ Wang Fujing Street

After the tour, I took a stroll down the street where there were a lot of people gathered along the snack street. I was hungry too as it was approaching dinner time. What a coincidence, food is available right in front. I crossed the road straight away approaching where there are most people. Most of the visitors there are almost 99% tourist comprises of Malaysian, Singaporean, Chinese from other province and westerners. There are mostly barbecue sticks and fried meat in stick form. An I get closer, I was amaze as they not only offer the normal food such as mutton, chicken, beef, shrimp and eels. They also have a lot of exotic food such as scorpions, centipede, beetles and so much more.
The stalls selling those food are offering almost the same items and stretch almost to about 500 meters afar. I was surprised to see most of the tourist carrying and walking along eating those food, and I wonder what they are eating as they seems to enjoy them.
Since I was so hungry, I started buying the drinks to satisfy my stomach needs. Later I walk down to the very end of the row, and walk back to where I started. I couldn't make my decision which to eat. I do agree that there is the fear factor in me in trying out those exotic food.
After considering and reconsidering, and watching those people enjoying themselves with their own food, I make up my mind in buying one of the sticks. I spent 10 yuan for a stick of eel meat.
The eel meat doesn't taste bad, except that the 'thing' in my mouth doesn't make me feel good. I find it hard to swallow them into my stomach. As such I decided to keep them in a better place, right happened to be in front of me, the dustbin.
Then later I start to move around walking from one end again and return doing my job, clicking here and there with my camera.
I made a second attempt without much hesitation on my next stop since I was still hungry. This time I bought a stick of fried scrimp. I am sure this must be easy for me as they are common food. After a bite of it, I straight away head to the dustbin. This time, it's the taste. It really taste like plastic and tasteless. I think they must have kept the food for along time and re-fried them over and over again. It's tough like leather. That cost me 20 yuan !
There are even star fish. I purposely post lots of photos in today's posting as I want to let the photos tell it's own stories with it's own words.
Temptation to try eating them are there especially if you come a long way like me, and they do looks delicious and fresh.
Try to see closer at each photos, there are worm cocoons, water beetles, Centipede, snake meat, sheep penis, star fish, octopus, longhorn beetles and some of them I don't even know what they are called or what they are.
After walking to the very end of the snack street, I reach the junction of Wang Fujing Street. Take a turn on the right is the pedestrian/walking street. This is another famous street among visiting tourist. This evening the weather is cooling almost 26 degree Centigrade. So, it is comfortable for a street walk.
I walk to the first stall along the street to have a tuna sandwich and a bottle of China's Tsingtao beer. A bottle of small size of Tsingtao beer cost 10 yuan. It is very common for the people there to drink direct from the bottle. No glass is provided.
I walked around Wang Fujing street until night falls. It's a lovely street with lots of foreigners and I enjoy going through the street window shopping and watching the crowded people shopping around. They have a lot of things to see, most of them different from where I come from. Probably the reason I was enjoying myself with my camera along is the cold weather and cool wind blowing.Wang Fujing located in Dongcheng district in Beijing is the most famous Walking Street in Beijing among domestic and foreign tourist. If you are visiting Beijing, this is a must visit place during the evening or as a free and easy tour. And there is a subway station over at this street if you intent to come over or are staying further or outside of Dongcheng district. Just take the Metro subway train. And the next subway station after Wang Fujing is Tian'anmen.
Wang Fujing is as interesting during day time and after sunset. When dusk come, the buildings starts to brighten up with colourful neon's. And the street gets even crowded during night time. And I think that's because most of the tourist are already back from their daily tour, and are on shopping spree and looking for souvenirs.
At night time, I can feel that spring is still around in Beijing. There are people still putting on sweater and long sleeve shirts.
In China, every walking street is a typical China Town. They have lots of lanterns with big Chinese signboard and architecture everywhere. They looks the same in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou and Tianjin. I think they look the same or quite similar too in other countries as well. That struck my mind posting the question why there are China Town all over the world ? We have a few in Malaysia. The most well know one is the 'Petaling Street'.
I sat and walk along the street relaxing until almost 9 pm, then I decided to walk my way back to my hotel which is not far away.


Erin said...

wow...what a fantastic series of photographs. loved all the food stall shots...and the exotic offerings...i give you a big A for trying. i can't even imagine how bad those two things must have been.
thanks for sharing all these wonderful captures. i am enjoying so very much.

rainstorm said...

Nice photos & those exotic food !

Pak Zawi said...

If you have problem eating in Beijing, people like me will be even worse.
I remember when I was in Wang Fujing, a gust of strong wind came and blew many of those umbrellas used by the food stalls to fall down.
Where are the chicks?

Tommy Yew said...

Wah Mr KBguy, tai loh, (U sure look like one big taukeh la)

All these photos of yours ‘moh tak teng’ man! U r doing great service to Tourism China.

All those food look tantalising but I……………better not say. Heheh , Sheep penis kebabs, after eating 2 sticks u sure have to go see those ‘peow mei’ (Pak Zawi, that’s the China babes or chicks if u need to know). Ya lor boss, I second Zawi’s request for photos of those PMs, or is it ‘For your Eyes Only’?

P/S – No offends ok? Me just a Soh loh ‘kwai wan seow’ only.

kbguy (福生) said...

Tommy Yew,
Where are you ?
So you know Mecinta Niteclub too, in Johor Bahru. There is no secret about that place. The super foreign performance. Singaporean came by bus to watch the show. And they have a few gates to get through. Are you the guy from Perth about 50 something who frequent Macinta, and sit at the closest to the performers, on the timber dancing floor ???
I know you !

xplorer said...

love wan fu jing , the sight and sound plus the chick are just stimulating , ha ha

Tranquility said...

What an adventure!
I thought I was pretty adventurous when it comes to food, but I confess that I wouldn't be willing to try most of what I saw in your photos. That might be just a little too exotic for me. ;)

That appears to be a fun place to take a walk and look around!

I hope you did finally get to have a real dinner meal!

Anonymous said...




Tommy Yew said...

What lah u boss, u accused me of being a Chikopek, smelling the pungent cigarette smoke coming out from u know where..heheh.

U know me kah? Then I have to kill u…hahaha. No lah I don’t think so. I’m a very low profile private person, only a handful of people know me that well.


jiggins said...

Great looking photos.. awesome trip! It is always cool to see different places through the eyes of another!

Sylvia K said...

Fabulous group of shots! Great trip around the city! Really beautiful and fun, glad you shared it with us! And, yes, allowing us to see it through your eyes!

SandyCarlson said...

So much to choose from. I did not know starfish are edible! What a beautiful place.

ewok1993 said...

fabulous photos. my husband would be in heaven in this place as he is an adventurous eater, the grosser the better :)

Canarybird said...

A wonderful set of photos and the food is interesting to see, but like you I would go for the tuna sandwich and pass on the exotic insects and fish. Thanks for the great photos!

madahmas said...

One would be spoilt for choice with a menu like that. :) Great story telling pics!

Babooshka said...

Love the vibrancy and colours of the nightlife. So much choice too of food I would be spoilt for choice.

Marja said...

What a lovely pictures I love the lanterns in the street. I think I pass on a lot of the food. Beetles, snakes worms brrrrr make me suddenly not hungry

☆♥ ☆Willa☆♥ ☆ said...

ok, i love the places, but for the food, errr...thanks, but,No,thanks!
My World Tuesday

Gaelyn said...

Wow, to me what an unusual assortment of "food?" I say I'll try anything once, but.....most of those would be hard to get past the lips. Good for you for trying. Too bad you couldn't just get a bite size sample of each.

It's true about China Towns around the world. LA and San Fransisco look like this, on a smaller scale.

Very colorful.

Jenn Jilks said...

Exotic, indeed! I don't think I could try some of those. Thanks for the tour.

2sweetnsaxy said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful photos! It's amazing what different cultures eat. I wouldn't even be curious to eat many of the things you photographed.

Jason Sitz Age 12 said...

I like the food they have there do you think some of it taste very good

Jason Sitz said...

I like the food. Do you think any of the food is great