Thursday, August 27, 2009


They say you can see Taiwan from Xiamen. So I went to the beach on one Saturday when the weather was fine. And this is what I manage to see. The people from the mainland China finds it difficult to visit Taiwan. They require permit to visit there. It is more easy for people like me to visit Taiwan than the Chinese from the mainland, as I was told.
There are daily ferry services to the island across. And there are a lot of Taiwanese from the small village across who come over to work in Xiamen. The people in Taiwan and Xiamen and other parts of Fujian such as Quanzhou speak common dialect called Minnan Hua, which is similar to what we call Fujian or Hokkien dialect in Malaysia. I find it very interesting because they understand me very well and vice verse when Minnan Hua is concern while I was in Xiamen. That makes me feel like at home in Xiamen.
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Sylvia K said...

The gray skies look very much like ours here in Seattle! Great shots!

Have a great weekend!


Photo Cache said...

The gray skies look like San Fran most of the time. Happy skywathcing.

Torsdag said...

Skies will follow you where ever you are. I send a norwegian sky today.
Have a nice weekend

Louise said...

That's just not the Taiwan I have in my head!

J Bar said...

Lots of grey skies.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Gaelyn said...

Definately more sky than land from that viewpoint. Interesting.

Danton said...

It should be the small islands under Taiwan's jurisdiction. But isn't it great language barrier is not a problem.