Thursday, August 20, 2009

Xiamen International Youth Hostel

I stayed at Peking Youth International Hostel in Beijing once but check out immediately when the sun rise, even though they offer strategic locality, excellent Chinese court yard at the entrance and the cosy cafe. I just don't like some of the young staff's attitude and the size of the room which is too small and compact worst still if you are on a sharing basic. You don't even have space for your luggage, instead you have to leave them at the luggage room provided. Just imagine, if you are renting a room for two, all they have is a double Decker bed and you can't have two persons standing or walking at the same time in the room. It's is ridiculously too small to move !
Whereas, I certainly recommend Xiamen International Youth Hostel to all those single travellers to Xiamen. You don't have to be a backpacker to stay in a youth hostel especially in China because most of them offer cleanliness, privacy, security, economical and comfort as well. The reason I recommend Xiamen International Youth Hostel is not just all of the above, they also offer excellent staffs attitude, friendliness, knowledgeable and also beautiful design and strategic location especially to tourist destination and availability of buses at the surrounding area.
I especially like the courtyard with free wifi facilities and ample space for the guest to relax and mix around. The room rates are fairly priced with many types to offer, from single rooms, double rooms to mix dormitory. And you can even get discounts if you are a member of yha China ( International Youth Hostel in China) which is applicable to all youth hostels in China.
The hostel is located at a hill slope and slightly inside from the main road. And you can walk or even rent a bicycle to some of the tourist spot such as the Nan Pu Tuo Temple, Xiamen University and the beach nearby. Or you can even take a bus to many places within the island at just RMB1.00
And the best part is that the young staffs of this hostel communicate very well in English and also, they are capable to provide you with information and directions as to where to go, eat and taking buses around Xiamen. As compared to other youth hostel I have stayed in china, this is the best so far. Thumbs up for the management and staffs of Xiamen International Youth Hostel !


Max Coutinho said...

Hi Kbguy!

I loved this hostel: it does look cosy and cute as hell!

I particularly adored the chairs and tables: very original indeed.

Thanks for having shared this with us, man...simply delightful!


Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Sika said...

I'm considering staying here and till now have not found any good sites that could show me what it's like at the hostel, till i came across this page. THANK YOU!!!