Friday, December 18, 2009

Mt. Emei, Sichuan, China

Emei town, Sichuan is about 150 km away from Chengdu and about 28 km from Leshan city. After the Leshan Grand Buddha, we leave for Emei Town and put a night at one of the 3 star rating hotel at the base of Mt. Emei which cost us 200 yuan per night before proceeding to Mt. Emei the next day.
In the morning, from the balcony of our hotel, we could see the snow at the tip of the mountains nearby. That was what we were actually hoping for at Mt. Emei. Our driver told us to be prepared with thick clothing when we are up there. He sent us to the local bus station where we took the public mini bus to the entrance of Mt. Emei. Upon reaching one of the hill top, we changed for a cable car for Jinding a.k.a. The Golden Summit.

From the cable car station at the top, we need to walk up the steep stone stairs to the tip of the mountain for another hour depending on our capabilities. The snow makes our walk more difficult and slippery. It was tiring too walking up the steep stairway.
Along the way, we see many pine tress, birds and monkeys. But most amazingly is the beautiful scenery. Emei Shan or Mt. Emei is a UNESCO World-Heritage site featuring many temples, natural wonders and breath taking scenery. Some of the trees are more than 1,000 years old. There are over 30 temples at Emei Shan.
After about an hour walk from the cable car station, we reached the Golden Summit (Jinding). There are two temples here, the Golden and Silver colored.
At 3,099 m or 10,167 ft, Mt. Emei is the highest of the four Sacred Buddhist Mountains in China.
Not only that the scenery is amazingly beautiful, the other wonderful thing to see at the top is that the Golden Summit is above the clouds. And I'm glad that I make it to the top of the Golden Summit.


thomas said...

Nice scenery and enjoy the snow.

eileeninmd said...

WOW, what a beautiful place. And the snow adds to the beauty. Wonderful scenic photos.

Ann said...

This is so beautiful, I was told there is so much snow in China this year.

You planned your holidays well.

How many hols did you have this years?

Merry Christmas

Evelyn Howard said...

It's beautiful - well worth the walk! THanks for sharing these wonderful photos.

Thomas C B Chua said...

KBguy, amazing photographs. Superb photographic perception. Fulfilling holiday. Wife and I were also in Chengdu from 5 to 13 December and had experienced a real winter. Blessedly we were prepared for it. Tks for the posting.

Thomas C B Chua said...

Wonderful photography. You and fly must have had a chilling winter experience in China. We were also there at about the same time and enjoyed the snow!!!

Emei shan mountain said...

Nice pics. Emei Shan a mountain that rises from earth at a height of approximately 3,099 m. This is most heighten mountain from the Four scared Buddhist Mountains. Mount Emei Sunrise and Cloud Sea is the most tourist attraction place.

bleeyw said...

Thanks for sharing your experience - May I know your actual travel date during your visit? I'm planning to visit Mt Emei during the 1st week of Dec 2010