Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Winter In Chengdu, China

If you are wondering why I have not updated my blog lately, the reason is because I was away on holiday. This time it's Chengu, Sichuan. And this time, it a family trip. And here I would like to share together my trip itinerary :

Depart Kota Bharu Sultan Ismail Petra Airport for KLCC on 19/11/2009 on AK5283 @ 1220 hours and Return on AK5288 on 25/11/2009 @ 1540 hours.
Total Price for 5 Persons: RM$985.00

Depart On 19/11/2009: Kuala Lumpur (LCC Terminal)- Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport by Airasia Flight D72626 @1800 hours. Arrive: 2240 hours.
Return on 24/11/2009: Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport - KLCC by Airasia Flight D72623 @1455 hours. Arrive: 1935 hours.
Total price for 5 persons : RM$1,675.00

2 Rooms booked at tune.hotels.com for 24/11/2009 for RM$88.94 per night.
Total: RM$177.88

Four-bed room + 1 extra bed with bath room, A/C,TV and Lan.
The price is 210yuan per night for 5 Nights @ DREAMS TRAVEL YOUTH HOSTEL
Total: 1,050 yuan

Rent a pick-up van for RMB70/van for 5 adults at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
on 19th November 2009 and return on 24Th November 2009.
Total: 140 yuan

5 Panda Cards @ 10 yuan per card. Total: 50 yuan

7 seater MPV rental (inclusive petrol, toll, parking and driver service) to visit Giant panda Research Centre, Giant Buddha @ Leshan and to Mt. Emei from 20Th to 21Th November 2009 @ 1,200 yuan
Driver Accommodation + Meal Allowance @ 100 yuan per trip
2 Rooms Hotel at Jinfo Hotel + extra bed for 1 night (200 yuan per room, 80 yuan extra bed)
Total: 480 yuan
Entrance fee to Leshan is Rmb90 per person & Mt.Emei is Rmb340 per person (including entrance fee 150+Sightseeing Bus70+Cable car to Golden summit 120).
Total: 2150 yuan

12 seater Van Rental on 23/11/2009 @ 500 yuan to visit Huanglongxi Ancient Town and Luodai Old Town.

Total Spending excluding shopping and food: about RM$5,445.00 for 5 persons (exchange rate of 1 yuan = RM$0.50, $1USD = RM$3.50)

Well, that's about all.


eileeninmd said...

Wow, lucky you! I would love to see the Pandas.

Jewel said...

I love pandas. Great picture! Enjoy your vacation?

Rantis said...

Lovely panda picture...
I love to travel to and my T photo is from Belgum...

fickleinpink said...

looks like fun!
hope you enjoyed your vacation!

have a great week!

Come visit my Wednesday if you have the time!
Life is beautiful!

Mar said...

Pandas are adorable and your picture is a proof of that, well done!!

What a fantastic trip.

T is for Tram...and TP!

Autumn Belle @ KDP said...

Welcome back to the blogging world. Look forward to the photos soon.

eileeninmd said...

Cool photos, I love the Panda bears.

eileeninmd said...

Cool photos, I love the Panda bears.

Roger Owen Green said...

that's a TON of traveling.

Grace and Bradley said...

Seems you had a very busy schedule for your holiday. Looking forward to seeing more photos of your trip.

Autumn Belle said...

Panda bears are such lovable creatures. I hope they have a long long live on this planet.