Friday, February 27, 2009

West Lake @ Xihu, Hangzhou

When visiting Hangzhou, no one should miss visiting the West Lake or Xihu. In other words, Xihu is the main attraction of Hangzhou. West Lake is just about 12 kilometres from the airport and it cost around RMB 100 to RMB 12o. So if you are travelling by yourself, try staying at the hotel around the West Lake. West Lake offer beautiful scenery's and a lot of activities for the tourist from morning till night, including food and shopping. And surrounding the West Lake area are popular tourist spot where you can either rent a bicycle or take the tourist bus (the 'Y' buses) to visit those places. You can also hop onto the tourist bus for a round trip or drop to any of the tourist spot at just 3 Yuan per trip. And if you are planing to visit Shanghai, just take a cab or a bus to the Hangzhou train station. A bus fare would cost 2 Yuan per person. If it's an older bus, it only cost 1.5 Yuan. From there, you can take the express train which is something similar to our KLIA Express which cost about RMB 40 for about 1.5 hours for a distance of about 190 kilometres. Upon reaching Shanghai South or in Chinese, they call it ShanghaiNan.., walk to the subway station following 'line 1' to buy tickets to the People's Park. At the People's Park, you can walk to the famous tourist shopping area call Nanjing Road and The Bunk. I would suggest anyone to travel by the subway train to move around in Shanghai as it is so convenient and fast. However, since there are 3 of us, a taxi would be cheaper if there is no train service a particular places where we intent to visit. Perhaps I would post more about travelling around Hangzhou and Shanghai later. At the time being, enjoy please enjoy my photos taken around the West Lake or Xihu..

Monday, February 23, 2009

I Luv Hangzhou !

I'm back from Hangzhou since yesterday morning. Took the 11.25 pm flight on 21st Feb., from Hangzhou airport to KLCT and arrive around 4.25 am the following day. At 7.25 am, took the next flight from KLCT back to Kota Baharu. Visiting China as an independent traveller is the most wonderful journey I ever experience. Even though I don't speak fluent mandarin, that does not hinder me from travelling there at all. To me English is still the most important language and universally accepted by all. As such, English is still very important to all students in Malaysia unless you just still want 'to stay under the coconut shell'. In China, there are still some hand full of young Chinese who would understand English to give you some advice and travelling tips around. Even though they don't speak as fluent or with some Chinese accent, they do write considerably well. Even the elderly age group are friendly and ever ready to provide us information or at least to show us how to moved around.
This trip has changed my perception about Chinese in China, or at least Hangzhou. Hangzhou is a very clean, well organized city and tourist orientated. The people are friendly and most willing to help and give advice to tourist more than I expected. The bus service is so efficient and you can see tourist everywhere in the city be it local tourist or even foreigners. Their Bus fares are reasonable and there are no discrimination on locals visitors and foreigners as far as entrance fees are concern as compared to Thailand.
Next week onwards I will start posting some photos taken from my recent visit to Hangzhou and Shanghai. For the time being.. it's back to work, work and work !

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Now Everyone Can Fly ! It's Airasia Again !

Thanks to Tony Fernandez. It's 'now everyone can fly' again.. ! Without Airasia, I don't think I would ever get the opportunity to travel to other parts of the world. During my younger days, travelling to overseas on vacation is so rare for me, perhaps I would only dream and wait for free package from companies and also on incentives. And during the 80's, I only get to fly to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur. The rest are just by Train to northern Thailand. And even with that, my Singapore air trip also turned to land route as the Malaysia Airline flight ticket prices escalating like dunno what.. Even with that, they are still making huge losses !!
And how often can we afford to go on fully guided tour ? Maybe once a year for me... if i am lucky enough. As the number of family member grows, it even becomes more difficult, especially when finance and time factor is concern. With Airasia, it's free and easy.. and I also get to travel as an independent tourist at budget price.
Ok, stop the bal...bla.. bla... Comes tomorrow, I will be flying off to Kuala Lumpur again by Airasia. Over there, my twin sons will join me to Hangzhou, China on the next morning. We'll be there for almost a week. Its a free and easy trip, more relax as compared to my previous trip as we will only moved on as and when we would like too. All in my mind is just to have a relax time at the West Lake of Hangzhou having hot cup of green tea during the cool early spring season, and to jog during the morning at the West Lake... and go window shopping after sunset.
So, Hangzhou ! see you soon !!
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