Thursday, April 16, 2009

First Chinese Muslim In Malaysia

I think this is the first Chinese architecture Muslim Mosque in Kelantan, and also in Malaysia. Located at Rantau Panjang, very closed to the southern Thai border, about 500 metres away. Just in front of the mosque, you can see the Immigration Check point.
And for those who have not been to Kelantan, Rantan Panjang is a small little trading town which sells a lot of Thai products to our Malaysian visitors and at the same time sells local stuffs to the Thai visitors. And Sungei Kolok is the nearest town in Thailand, which is quite a walking distance from the check point, or alternatively you can either hire a trishaw or a motorbike to get there. One important advice to those who are crossing to the Thai border, do not deal with anyone approaching you with all sort of offers especially the illegal one, be it motor bike service or tour service especially the 'men only' visitors because they may force you to visit the brothel or else.. !
While you are in Rantau Panjang you can also visit another Thai architecture Buddhist Temple, Wat Uttamaran at Lubok Jong, Pasir Mas district which is on the same road on your return journey to Pasir Mas town.
Back to the mosque, as to date, the mosque is almost 95% completed and is expected to attract mostly local and Thai tourist.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Misty Wakaf Bharu ....

This is how it looks like at Wakaf Baharu area at 8.30 am today. It's was very misty from my house until Wakaf Baharu town, and it has being like this for the past few days.
However, as I approached Kota Bharu town, the visibility get better, probably due to lots of people, buildings and heavy traffics. But as you drive along the bridge, only the sight in front is better, but the sight on the left and right is very very misty as well. You can't even see the Sultan's Palace on your left from the bridge.
At noon, the weather gets extremely hot until about 3 pm. When I say extremely hot, it means very very hot especially if you need to get off and in the car often during work. It's like in the sauna. Actual sauna is much better as you don't have to wear anything, but in this case, you are wearing a long sleeve shirt with long pants ! I guess it's time to put on my short sleeves shirt or pull up my sleeves during work now ! And in the evening, it normally rains heavily.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wat Pracacinaram

I am not sure I have posted about this Temple or not, but for the benefit of the doubt I am posting again for those who are keen to know. This is Wat Pracacinaram or commonly know by the locals as Wat Kampung Kulim because it is located at Kampung Kulim, Wakaf Bharu, Kelantan. It is the nearest siamese Temple to Kota Bharu town, just a short distance from the Kelantan River and even closer to the Wakaf Bharu train station. You can even walk to the temple from the train station. The temple also provide Sauna facilities to all using herbal therapy. They have different rooms and lockers for different sexes and payment is by donations. For the keen Buddhist, you can visit the temple for "saibat" by offering food to the monks on every "Wan Prak" at about 6.30 am. During the time, the monks will be chanting prayers and last for about an hour. And on every Wesak Day, the temple will be celebrating it with many activities for the young and the elderly to encourage more devotees to visit the temple. For more information or festival activities about this temple, you can always write to me as I am staying about a stone throw away from the temple.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Pot Luck and Qing Ming 清明

This time it's Qing Ming at the Pauh Lima cemetery. It's not actually a cemetery I guess, it's the yard for the family members and some others only. Anyway, my paternal grandfather and grandmother and my great grandmother (grand mother's mother) and aunt is buried there.
The grand children and great grand children from far and near all gathered at this place every year to offer prayers bringing along their own food as if there is a pot luck party going on. Some of the cousins come as far as Bangkok to celebrate this happy occasion every year without fail. As usual, my wife and me will be driving separately chauffeuring and taking care of those from Kuala Lumpur and Thailand for this event, fetching and sending them off for the day.
The Pauh Lima Siamese temple is now becoming a popular place for now with more and more people keeping the ashes of their death family members. One more building has been constructed for this purpose. The present one is almost fully occupied.
I didn't take any photos of us in celebration. But just before we leave the place, I manage to take some pictures of the temple and it's surrounding. And the last photos only shows some of our members at my house before leaving back to Thailand and Kuala Lumpur again on the same day.
So, "wa dee krup and choke dee" to the Thais and hope to see you fellas again next year ! Happy Qing Ming to all !