Saturday, January 2, 2010

Other Places Of Interest - Chengdu

Chengdu Dreams Travel Youth Hostel is about 30 minutes away by taxi from the Chengdu Shuangliu airport I like our hostel because of it's strategic location which is near to most of the tourist attraction. Tibet Street is the street behind our hostel and Wu Hou Memorial Temple is right across the street of our hostel. Next to Wu Hou is the ancient Jinli Street.
Tibet Street is behind Dreams Travel Youth Hostel, and they offer good delicious Tibetan food. A lot of Tibetan stuffs, people and monks can easily be seen along the street.
Just in front of the hostel is a famous restaurant serving hot pot, a famous Chengdu dish which is quite similar to steam-boat in Malaysia. The restaurant is usually packed and they offer a variety of soup for dipping in hot flavour to medium hot. Most of the Sichuan people prefer it hot with lots of pepper, that makes your mouth numb. And the best part of this restaurant is that they serve good delicious food at reasonable price, good service and the place looks very clean too.
On the left to Wu Hou Memorial is a beautiful park whereby a lot of elderly people gather to do their morning exercise in the form of snogging, dancing and various art of self defence.
Wu Hou Memorial Temple is just across our hostel and is a land mark by itself as you can see many tourist at the entrance from a far.
Chungxi Street is the busiest walking street in Chengdu. It is located at the downtown of Chengdu and most of the fast serving food stalls and brand name products can be found here. You can take a taxi from the hostel to Chungxi Street at about 10 to 15 yuan one way.
Sanxingdui Museum is located in Northeast of Sanxingdu archaeological site, west of the famous cultural city of Guanghan, on the bank of Jian River (commonly called Yazi River), 40 kilometers (about 24.9 miles) north of Chengdu City. Covering an exhibition area of 4,000 square meters (about 1544.4 square miles), and opened in October 1997 this is an archeological museum with excellent modern facilities. The cultural relics in the museum were mostly unearthed from the Sanxingdui site.
Sanxingdui Museum is only worth the visit if you are interested in history and about ancient studies.