Thursday, July 8, 2010

Motor Tour on Day 1

We returned the rented bicycle the same day just before dusk as we intent to tour by motorcycle for the next two days. We made the reservation on that evening and came back the next morning to collect the automatic scooters.
Our plans are as follows: Day 1 - Chang Rai City to Doi Mae Sa Lorn ( about 80km), and Day 2 - Golden Triangle, Chiang Khong, Chiang Sean (to visit the Laos border) and back to Chang Rai city ( about 250 km).
We started the journey early about 7.00 am. This is my first return to the motorcycle experience after more than twenty five over years, with the assistance and an intensive training from my twin sons..

It was a long ride and an adventuring experience even though dangerous most of the time riding along the highway and half of the journey riding up the steep and winding mountains. But the best part is that we have fun together as father and sons which we rarely have the opportunity to get together and the scenery was beautiful too all the way.
As we approached our destination Doi Mae Sa Lorn, we looked out for a restaurant for our lunch . Doi Mae Sa Lorn is a small little town occupied mostly by the Chinese who came during the early 1960's lead by General Tuan during Chang Kai Sheik's era. Most of the Chinese here still speak Mandarin among themselves. We took the opportunity to taste Chinese dishes over here as we already had a lot of spicy food during our stay. This time we ordered the famous Dongpo Pork and some Yunnan dishes. For dinner, we had the famous Halal Northern Curry Noodles called Kao Suoy prepared by the Yunnan Chinese.
Below is General Tuan's Memorial which is Chinese oriented.
The hill tribes village called Mae Tur which is located border to the Burma mountains.
The Chinese Martyr's Memorial Museum and a Chedi with a Thai Temple near it.

And our hostel Baan See See (Telephone: 66-53-765053). The rate is 400 baht per room during off peak season which can accommodate 3 persons, without air conditioned. ... And the photos showing the scenery surrounding our hostel, the interior amd exterior room and the view during sun rise.


Pak Zawi said...

Must be great to be traveling with your children like that. How I wish I could do the same with mine.
Wow there are even halal food at such a place. Something to remember should I be able to trace your steps one day.

Pak Zawi said...

It is so nice to be travelling with your children like that. They will remember the journey as long as they live.
Wow ada halal food in such a place. I must take note of that in case I get to one day retrace your footsteps.

Glennis said...

How I would like to join you on this road trip, the hill tribe village looks so interesting and the people also. Delicious food to try as well.

LadyFi said...

What a wonderful adventure!

noel said...


i loved your tour, i've always wanted to see the golden triangle, thanks for showing this to us today, what a treat