Thursday, July 15, 2010

Motor Tour On Day 2, Change Of Plans

I thought we have missed the road to the Long Neck village for that day. My discussion with the Baan See See hotel owner on that night before we left gave me valuable information on the route we suppose to take for tomorrow morning. We were told that there is another route down the mountain where we can detour to visit the Long Neck village called Yapa. And the sight is even beautiful and less traffics.

We started early the next morning just before the sun rise. It was a long but interesting journey down the mountain. The road condition was good and the scenery was excellent. Since it was early, we took our time to ride down slowly and take many pictures along the way.

We followed the direction given by the hotel owner. It was about 60 kilometres journey. Initially we had some difficulty locating the Baan Yapa village. Somehow we managed by asking the local folks along the way. It’s worth the finding. There is a charge to enter the Long Neck village at 250 Baht per person. We have to walk down the slope of the hill for about 300 metres before reaching the village. Along the way, there are other hill tribes as well trading souvenirs items. We were the first visitors for the day.

The Yapa Village where it belongs to the long necks and other hill tribes..

After Yapa, we head for Mae Chang, than Chan Saen and towards the Golden Triangle. The Golden Triangle is where the three countries Thailand, Myanmar and Laos meet separated by a common river. The distance was about 100 kilometres. Than we returned to Chan Sean for lunch before starting our long journey to Chiang Khong, which is the border town to Laos. That took us another 100 kilometres. We stop at Chiang Khong for a very short while taking some pictures here and there. The scene along the way was beautiful too but we have to rush for time as we intent to reach Chiang Rai town before the sunset since we are unfamiliar with the place and route. My skin over my face and hands are getting sore and numb because of the heat, wind and the motorbike vibration. I have to look for some lotion available at the local shop. We managed to buy an old stock of ‘Vaseline cream’. I don’t know whether it helps or not but that is the only cream available. By now the three of us are already tanned and overheated under the hot sun.

At the Golden Triangle once famous for Poppy planting and drugs distribution..
Kbguy on the road..
The twins on the road..
Opposite the river is Laos

The journey from Chiang Khong to Chiang Rai is about 120 kilometres. Just about 40 kilometres before downtown, I had trouble with my scooter. The tyre punctured! Thanks God, the repair shop was nearby. It seems like the harrier you need, the more problems you encounter. Anyway, we reached our hotel at Chiang Rai city just about dusk.

That night we celebrate our achievement for the two days Motor Tour and for reaching back our hotel safely at the Night Bazaar with sumptuous food and shopping for the last night at Chiang Rai.


Pak Zawi said...

I salute you for doing the adventure ride. The trip will be most treasured by you twin sons.

noel said...


i enjoyed your scenic sunday post, its a really interesting scenes with all of the golden triangle, look forward to seeing chang rai also

my scenic post is on my sari sari blog today

Guy said...

Beautiful photos from northern Thailand!

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This week's theme is Local Food.

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Guy Jonsson,