Thursday, August 12, 2010

Koh Samui, Lover's Island

Before we started our journey by Car to Koh Samui, I did some research about the places of interest and the route to get there. Most of the information I got from friends weren't that accurate. They told me to get myself a GPS, as it is easily available now a days. I had no idea how Kok Samui would look like and what people would do over there. I presume it's another tourist attraction in Thailand and Night life over there should be really hot ! What I mean is people go for discos, pubs and clubbing. But actually I was totally wrong. Koh Samui is not as wild as any other tourist places in Thailand which I have been.

I had my documentation ready a few days before I get there, like car insurance and entry permit. And I got myself a Thai Highway map. A little old fashion but I think that is more practical for me. At least I get to learn the route and know the direction where I am going first instead of just relying on the instruction given by a GPS machine. We'll be driving about 500 kilometers from Sungai Kolok to the Koh Samui jetty in Surat Thani. Together with my twin sons, we took the coaster road from Sungai Golok to Narathiwat, bypassing the Narathiwat town, than to Patani, Songkla, Nakhon Si Thammarat and straight to the harbour in Surat Thani. The ferry charges for a private car is 450 Baht including the driver. A passenger cost 120 baht for the ferry service. The distance from the harbor to Koh Samui takes about one and half hour and is available hourly. There is a separate ferry that goes to Phangan Island. Phangan Island is famous for it's full moon party. And this will be my first time driving the longest distance in Thailand after Hadyai.

We left the house at about 6.30 am and reached Sungai Kolok around 7.30 am, which is already bright by then. Thailand is an hour behind Malaysia, so we are still 6.30 am again at Sungai Kolok. It was still early, so the road is a little quiet except many road blocks by the armies and the police all along the way until we reached Nakhon Si Thamarat. We had noodles for lunch at Nakhon. A bowl of noodles with some fish balls there cost only 25 baht. Since it was our first time driving there, we stopped a few times for photography and refreshment along the way after we past Narathiwat, Patani and Songkla. Southern Thailand is still consider an unrest place and it's political situation is still uncertain. Many bombing and attacks by the terrorist were reported now and then. Even two days before our journey, there were news report the bombing near Yala town by the terrorist.

Koh Samui is a small Island. You can't get loss traveling around the island. Driving around the whole island is about 100 kilometers. Most of the activities is around half of the coast. Nathon ( Main Town), Bor Phut (Big Buddha), Chaweng Beach (Chaweng View Point) and Lamai Beach (Hin Ta – Hin Yai Rock), and the other half of the coast or the island is mostly fisherman's village. If you don't have your own car, the best mode of transportation or to move around the Island is to hire a Motorbike. Thai Tourism Authority or TAT promotes a few attraction there but I think Kok Samus is beautiful just the way it is. Those tourist attraction just come along the way as activities while you are there. There are a lot of foreigners who invested in properties especially in hotel business . And there are even more who stayed there on long term basics to enjoy it's way of life. As I said earlier, Koh Samui is not as wild as other part of Thailand. It's best suitable for newly weds and couples who enjoy beautiful scenery and slow pace of life. There are some big malls and hyper markets there such as The Big C, Macro and Tesco which offer a lot of imported food and goods to cater for these foreigners.

We stayed at Ananta Lamai Beach Resort which is owned by a French man who settled there with his Thai wife. Our standard room cost 900 Baht. If you intent to stay there, you may contact them at:

Ananta Lamai Beach Resort

Eddie & Pim Lancry

Mobile No: 083-3947852

125/10 Moo 3, Hin Ta-Hin Yai

Koh Samui, Surathani 84310.


web site:

If you intend to stay there for a short period, I suggest you plan for a 3 days trip to complete the entire island. We stayed there for three days but I intent to make a come back with the whole family again very soon.


Pak Zawi said...

Great post. Been dreaming to go there myself. Can you postpone the family trip till next year so that I can join you?

J Bar said...

Looks like a great trip.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

VioletSky said...

It looks like there are a few lounge chairs waiting for us!
Great photos.

noel said...


i enjoyed reading your vacation to ko samui, one place i'd love to visit on the east side, it looks like a photographers dream vacation, thanks for sharing this

my orange theme is on my sari blog today

noel said...


i enjoyed reading your vacation to ko samui, one place i'd love to visit on the east side, it looks like a photographers dream vacation, thanks for sharing this

my orange theme is on my sari blog today

Al said...

That looks fantastic. I'd love to see this part of the world some day.

Lorac said...

Great pictures. Looks like an amazing trip.

veredit said...

... for me it is one of the most fabulous places in the world I know.Your wonderful pictures gives me the best memories. Thank you so much ... first I thin, I'm wrong, because you write Kok Samui, I only know it under Koh Samui, but nevertheless it's absolutely fantastic have such a good look of this dreamy island.

best regards from germany

Janneke said...

I have a dream ....and here it is *wink

OM this is beautiful, love to go there someday!

Arija said...

What a great place for a getaway!

Shey said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation. The photos convinced me that this is a great place to visit. The marketplace looks interesting & the food yummy. Good for you! :)

J Bar said...

Thanks for the tour.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Biyaheng Pinoy said...

Lovely photos. Visit the Philippines, you will also find lots of nice things to photograph here. What does KB stand for?

Ann said...

Thank you for your concern. We are very lucky not to be living in Christchurch, and Christchurch is lucky not to have any fatalities. had it struck during a week day, many people would have died, as the inner city is badly affected.

God must have blessed this city, after all, it is called the City of Christ.

I see that you are still traveling a lot.

Will you be coming to NZ? Of course, i hope the earthquake will not put you off.

fickleinpink said...

i love the trinkets.. the food...beautiful place!

Please come and visit if you have some time! Happy weekend :)

Find me here : Metropolis


(now a follower)

Rajesh said...

Very interesting travel account with beautiful shots. Loved reading this.

Linnea W said...

I was in Thailand a long time ago but never made it to Koh Samui. Thanks for sharing these. You really gave us a great idea of what it looks like and what you can do there.

Jenn said...

Oh my! Looks like an interesting place to visit. I was in Similan a few months ago, perhaps my next visit to Thailand would be this. Thanks for the tour, your photos makes me want to plan a trip soon. :-)

Jingle said...

lovely island tour.
enjoyable i post.

Roger Owen Green said...

lots of great pics. love the ferry.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

mrsnesbitt said...

The ferry seemed so familiar - it started me thinking of holidays! Fantastic pictures.

ABC Team

photowannabe said...

It looks like a lovely slow paced place to visit and relax. I like your pictures of the umbrella and your feet in the hammock.

AWANG said...

Wow!!! this is beautiful place,,what a great holiday:)

Katie said...

Those are all such beautiful pictures! Really makes me want to visit!

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

I'll be in Thailand in a few months but unfortunately don't have time to go to Koh Samui. Thank you for this post it is a real pleasure to see what I'll be missing out on. I'll have to return at a later date.☺

Indrani said...

A grand place, love the pics you show us of this place.

Pixel said...

Looks like a fun place! At the same time a perfect place to relax!! :-) Your captures are beautiful!!

Pixellicious Photos

Anonymous said...

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