Friday, December 31, 2010

Li Peng Festival In Chiang Mai.

We took the morning van to Chiang Mai. We left Pai at 8 am. It took us 5 hours to reach Chiang Mai. Even though we were quite reluctant to leave Pai so soon. we do not want to miss the Li Peng festival in Chiang Mai.. Li Peng is celebrated in grand occasion in Chiang Mai every once a year along with Loy Kratong festival. The whole city of Chiang Mai is celebrating this occasion. And it is impossible to miss this occasion once you are there because Chinese Lanterns were lighted and let to fly off to the sky everywhere. There were floats and beauty contest to pick the Miss Loy Kratong for the year. Thousands of Lanterns similar to balloons were flown up into the sky. And in the same city, flowers laid with joss stick and candles were laid along  and left afloat the river during this Loy Kratong festival. Fire crackers and fireworks were lighted everywhere. It's a special festival and the whole city is partying. Tourist from all over can be seen and enjoying themselves too. This is an event worth attending.

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ummu uswah said...

nice trip.

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