Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Dal Lake and Shikara Ride

One of the famous place to visit in Srinagar is the Dal Lake. To tour the lake, try hiring a local boat called Shikara. It is actually a decorated boat with cover. The Dal Lake which is surrounded by snow mountains is one of the famous tourist attraction here. With the Shikara, you can actually cruise around the swimming area at the lake, floating garden, floating market, lotus garden and etc as claim by many travel agents but in fact it is all in the vicinity of the Dal Lake. Frankly speaking, if you happen to be there and plan to tour the Dal Lake, just tell them you want to cruise for how many hours instead of naming so many places. The water in the lake is make up from melting snow from the mountains surrounding it. During the day, many traders by boat can be seen selling a variety of goods, from sundries to souvenirs items. And there are plenty of houseboats for rent at the Dal Lake too. I suggest you make an attempt to stay at the houseboat for a night or two although for experience sake. The price may range from 1000 rupees to 1500 rupees per night for a two/three beds room. Remember to clarify what are included in the price such as taxes, drinks or meals. During our stay, we asked for all inclusive price such as taxes and meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) but we forgot to mention 'drinks'.

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Just wow! That first photo is out of this world. Dal Lake is more beautiful than I ever could have imagined.