Thursday, May 12, 2011

New Lucky Star Houseboat

We booked out hotel in Srinagar through it's web site.  It was the New Lucky Star a.k.a. Young Lucky Star boathouse at the Dai Lake in Srinagar. After all it's the houseboat which is famous for among most tourist in Srinagar. There are a lot of houseboats at the lake. And of course the price varies from one to another too. I don't suggest you to book your houseboat through the website if you plan to visit Srinagar, if you are the price conscious type. I wasn't as lucky as the other group of travel mates from Bangkok. They got their houseboat at half our price by scouting from one agent to another in Srinagar town itself.

Usually I will recommend my readers the hotels I have stayed based on many reasons. But in India, I wouldn't recommend any of the hotels I stayed including this one. I noticed that in India, most of the people in the tourist related industry are ignorant on their service quality and would try to squeeze every penny out from their guest. As long as you are a foreign tourist, they'll try hard by hook or by crook. In actual fact, their services is darn poor and lousy. They even sweet talk you during the beginning of their services with empty promises.
At New Lucky Star, the whole family will serve you. They'll tell you, you are one of the family members. They'll invite you to their home. They'll offer you phone and Internet services. All these are hidden charges to be bill later.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner which we asked them to include on at an agreed price per meal are actually included. But at the end of the day, they asked for extra charges which was not actually mentioned, such as mineral water, tea and apple juice which was served during meals. I was actually annoyed because drinks should be serve with meals. They only informed us at the end of our holiday and the prices was doubled from the outside price.
There was one incident when we wanted to buy 2 bottles of drinking water from the boatman. Our houseboat owner quickly grab the bottles from the boatman who was about to hand to us. He asked the boatman to return later. We wanted to gave him the money as we knew the price was only 15 rupees per bottle. He asked us to pay at the end of the 4 days. From that day onwards, he handed us 3 bottles of drinking water every morning, and during every meal. At the end of the 4 days, he charged us 35 rupees per bottle. Of course we feel cheated. To make things worse, the whole family who served us during the 4 days including the driver and owner himself reminded us to give tips when making payment as if we owe everyone of them. To us, this is extremely rude.
Also in Srinagar, there are a lot of police and soldiers everywhere especially on the road side, tourist spot and airport. I notice that these security officers and civilian can't get along very well. In actual fact, they dislike each other. That was what our tour guide from New lucky Star informed us. From my personal opinion, the Indians are annoying, and disobey rules. That is why the security officers are stringent, rough and rude to them.
To cut the whole thing shot, I think Srinagar do have the opportunity to attract more tourist as they offer wonderful, beautiful and breathtaking scenery except the people themselves especially those in the tourism industry who do not know how to grab or take the opportunity to treat their clients and guest with care and improve their services, and most importantly to deal business honestly and with trustworthiness.

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