Friday, June 10, 2011

Agra, India

After Delhi, we moved on to Agra, where The Taj Mahal is located. Agra is a small town. Our hotel receptionist warned us to only consume bottled water in Agra because tap water is not safe there. I found that it is quite true because the tap water taste salty and does not produce foam when mixed with ordinary soap. I presume they use hard water. There are a few places to visit in Agra which includes Agra Red Fort, Fatehpur Fikri and of course the most popular, The Taj Mahal. It took us about 4 hours to reach Agra, including a few refreshment stops along the way.  
 The entry to the Taj Mahal cost 750 rupees per foreign visitor, which is the most expensive of all. But we were fortunate as it was the World Heritage Day on that day. As such there is no entry fee for that day. However, since it is free, the place is fully packed with local tourist.

Since it was free for all on that day, we took the opportunity to visit the Agra Red Fort as well immediately after the Taj Mahal, even though it was a very hot and tiring day. We didn't actually tour the entire complex but to take a few photos from the outside as the temperature were almost 40 degree Celsius at that time.
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