Saturday, September 10, 2011

Guilin, Longsheng and Yangshuo

After 'google' for Guilin, I found that other places of interest nearby Guilin includes Longshan and Yangshuo. Then I came out with my own itinerary. I wanted something more relaxing and ample time to enjoy myself at this far and foreign land. A place that gives me more time to interact with the locals and to practice my illiterate Mandarin language. And here's the plan:

Day 1. Left KB by night plane. Hang around at LCCT airport for the next morning flight.
Day 2. Flight to Guilin in the Morning. Free and Easy in Guilin.
Day 3. To Longshan to visit the hill tribes village at Da'zhai.
Day 4. Bamboo raft along Lijiang River / Li River to Yangshuo.
Day 5. Yangshuo
Day 6. Yangshuo
Day 7. Yangshuo to Guilin
Day 8. Guilin
Day 9. Guilin - LCCT - KB.

And things that I must do in Guilin / Yangshuo is to watch 'The Impression of Liu San Jie" and the "Cormorant Fishing Show". I knew 8 days there is not enough. I have to move fast. And the most logical way is to take up a local tour package while I'm there. The first thing I need to do is to book a hostel room. Any other plans will be decide later once I establish my contact with the hostel staffs there. My accommodation in Guilin will be at Backstreet Youth Hostel which is opposite Sheraton Hotel, within city center and close by to Li River and the Pedestrian Walking Street. The queen bed room is RMB120 /night with bathroom attached.


Pak Zawi said...

How I wish I could join you in the Guilin Trip. Eversince I saw Guilin on Central China TV, I always dream of going there. Unfortunately my wife isn't keen to visit the place yet. Shanghai is her priority for China. Till we have done Shanghai, Guilin will remain a dream for now.

thomas said...

Nice scenery in Guilin.